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This page is obsole! Mean-enharmonic should be swapped with flat-enharmonic, but I didn't have the code ready to re-generate the tables when this issue was raised. This is a systematic extension for the TAMNAMS MOS scale naming system based on parent / grandparent relationships. It's intended for a user interface so that every MOS pattern has a memorable name.

Diatonic family

This system introduces the following names for (grand)daughters of diatonic 5L 2s.

Diatonic family tree
Pattern Name Notes
5L 7s pyth-chromatic Chromatic scale from pythagorean generator 3/2
7L 5s mean-chromatic Chromatic scale of meantone
Pattern Name Notes
12L 5s pyth-enharmonic Enharmonic scale from 3/2 generator
5L 12s supy-enharmonic Enharmonic scale of superpyth
7L 12s mean-enharmonic Enharmonic scale of meantone
12L 7s flat-enharmonic Enharmonic scale of flattone
Pattern Name Notes
12L 17s pythagotonic Generator is 3/2. Small step is the Pythagorean comma
17L 12s gothitonic Generator falls in the neo-gothic range.
19L 12s fauxarabian One possible generator is double of neutral third 11/9 while the scale still sounds neutral
12L 19s fauxrussian Faux-cyrilic font is the "opposite" of faux-arabic
17L 5s protofractalic Daughter scales exhibit fractal-like acoustic effects
5L 17s reinhardic Possible generator 50/33 is similar to 5edo's fifth (Reinhard notation)
19L 7s velic Possible generator 112/75 is called the marvelous fifth
7L 19s siskoic Play on words: Veli means brother in Finnish and sisko means sister.
Pattern Name Notes
12L 29s pythamystonic Generator is 3/2. Large step is mystery comma. Small step is pythagorean comma.
29L 12s antipythamystonic
12L 31s fauxmuscovian Parent is fauxrussian. Muscovy is a sub region of Russia.
31L 12s fauxsiberian Parent is fauxrussian. Siberia is a sub region of Russia.
19L 31s fauxsaudi Parent is fauxarabian. Saudis live in a sub region of Arabia.
31L 19s fauxomani Parent is fauxarabian. Omani live in a sub region of Arabia.
22L 17s fractalic Exhibits fractal-like acoustic effects.
17L 22s antifractalic
17L 29s perotinic Parent is gothitonic. Pérotin has been described as the first modern composer in the Western tradition.
29L 17s martinic Parent is gothitonic. Simone Martini influenced Gothic style painting.
19L 26s veljentyttonic Parent is velic. Veljentyttö means niece from the brother's side in Finnish.
26L 19s veljenpoikanic Parent is velic. Veljenpoika means nephew from the brother's side in Finnish.
7L 26s siskontyttonic Parent is siskoic. Siskontyttö means niece from the sister's side in Finnish.
26L 7s siskonpoikanic Parent is siskoic. Siskonpoika means nephew from the sister's side in Finnish.
5L 22s reinatonic Parent is reinhardic.
22L 5s antireinatonic Parent is reinhardic.
Pattern Name Notes
12L 41s antipythomerc
41L 12s pythomerc Generator is 3/2. Transitional scale between ones dominated by pythagorean and mercator commas.


Trivial multi-MOS scales of n periods are named n-wood or spelled out resulting in: hexawood, septawood, octawood, nonawood and decawood.

Daughter scales

The system introduces stems derived from the prefixes of select MOS scales under 10 notes. If the parent of a basic MOS scale is hard the name is (stem)pechromic (analogous to pyth-chromatic). If the parent of a basic MOS scale is soft the name is (stem)mechromic (analogous to mean-chromatic).

Granddaughter scales

Granddaughters are analogues of mean-enharmonic, flat-enharmonic, pyth-enharmonic and supy-enharmonic.

Basic granddaughter scales
Grandparent step-ratio Name scheme
4:3 (stem)menharmic
5:3 (stem)fenharmic
5:2 (stem)penharmic
4:1 (stem)senharmic

Great-granddaughter scales

Great-granddaughters derive names from the hardness of the great-grandparent scale e.g. minisoft becomes miso.

Basic great-granddaughter scales
Great-grandparent step-ratio Name scheme
5:4 uso-(stem)tonic
7:5 paso-(stem)tonic
8:5 quso-(stem)tonic
7:4 miso-(stem)tonic
7:3 miha-(stem)tonic
8:3 quha-(stem)tonic
7:2 paha-(stem)tonic
5:1 uha-(stem)tonic


Trollic is a name given to 12L 1s by Godtone, but in order to troll even further the name is given to 13L 1s instead.


The scheme would run out of names at 17-notes so liesic is a name given to 2L 15s based on liese temperament to patch one more hole.


Giedraitic is a name given to 19L 3s in honor of the basic magic layout of Kite Giedraitis' guitar. The prefix/stem kai comes from Kite's first name /kaɪt/ with the last /t/ removed. The anti-giedratic MOS is given the name zheligowskic in reference to Lucjan Żeligowski leading fights against the town of Giedraičiai.

Table of MOS scales up to 22 notes

The table below lists all MOS scales and their stems needed to generate everything with assignable names in the system.

TAMNAMS mos names extended
6-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
5L 1s machinoid mecha
7-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
4L 3s smitonic smi
6L 1s archeotonic archeo
8-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
3L 5s checkertonic checke
4L 4s tetrawood tetwood
5L 3s oneirotonic neiro
6L 2s ekic eki
7L 1s pine pine
9-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
2L 7s balzano balo
3L 6s tcherepnin chere
4L 5s gramitonic grami
5L 4s semiquartal chtono
6L 3s hyrulic hyru
7L 2s superdiatonic armo
8L 1s subneutralic blu
10-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 9s antisinatonic asina
2L 8s jaric jara
3L 7s sephiroid sephi
4L 6s lime lime
5L 5s pentawood penwood
6L 4s lemon lemo
7L 3s dicoid dico
8L 2s taric tara
9L 1s sinatonic sina
11-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 10s asinapechromic none
2L 9s balopechromic none
3L 8s checkepechromic none
4L 7s smipechromic none
5L 6s mechapechromic none
6L 5s mechamechromic none
7L 4s smimechromic none
8L 3s checkemechromic none
9L 2s balomechromic none
10L 1s asinamechromic none
12-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 11s asinasenharmic none
2L 10s jarapechromic none
3L 9s cherepechromic none
4L 8s tetwoodpechromic none
5L 7s pyth-chromatic pychro
6L 6s hexawood hexwood
7L 5s mean-chromatic mellow
8L 4s tetwoodmechromic none
9L 3s cheremechromic none
10L 2s jaramechromic none
11L 1s asinapenharmic none
13-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 12s uha-asinatonic none
2L 11s balosenharmic none
3L 10s sephipechromic none
4L 9s gramipechromic none
5L 8s neiropechromic none
6L 7s archeopechromic none
7L 6s archeomechromic none
8L 5s neiromechromic none
9L 4s gramimechromic none
10L 3s sephimechromic none
11L 2s balopenharmic none
12L 1s paha-asinatonic none
14-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 13s antrollic antro
2L 12s jarasenharmic none
3L 11s checkesenharmic none
4L 10s limepechromic none
5L 9s chtonopechromic none
6L 8s ekipechromic none
7L 7s septawood septwood
8L 6s ekimechromic none
9L 5s chtonomechromic none
10L 4s limemechromic none
11L 3s checkepenharmic none
12L 2s jarapenharmic none
13L 1s trollic tro
15-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 14s antropechromic none
2L 13s uha-balotonic none
3L 12s cheresenharmic none
4L 11s smisenharmic none
5L 10s penwoodpechromic none
6L 9s hyrupechromic none
7L 8s pinepechromic none
8L 7s pinemechromic none
9L 6s hyrumechromic none
10L 5s penwoodmechromic none
11L 4s smipenharmic none
12L 3s cherepenharmic none
13L 2s paha-balotonic none
14L 1s antromechromic none
16-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 15s antrosenharmic none
2L 14s uha-jaratonic none
3L 13s sephisenharmic none
4L 12s tetwoodsenharmic none
5L 11s mechasenharmic none
6L 10s lemopechromic none
7L 9s armopechromic none
8L 8s octawood octwood
9L 7s armomechromic none
10L 6s lemomechromic none
11L 5s mechapenharmic none
12L 4s tetwoodpenharmic none
13L 3s sephipenharmic none
14L 2s paha-jaratonic none
15L 1s antropenharmic none
17-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 16s uha-antrotonic none
2L 15s liesic lisa
3L 14s uha-checketonic none
4L 13s gramisenharmic none
5L 12s supy-enharmonic supen
6L 11s mechamenharmic none
7L 10s dicopechromic none
8L 9s blupechromic none
9L 8s blumechromic none
10L 7s dicomechromic none
11L 6s mechafenharmic none
12L 5s pyth-enharmonic pyen
13L 4s gramipenharmic none
14L 3s paha-checketonic none
15L 2s antiliesic alisa
16L 1s paha-antrotonic none
18-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 17s none none
2L 16s none none
3L 15s uha-cheretonic none
4L 14s limesenharmic none
5L 13s neirosenharmic none
6L 12s hexwoodpechromic none
7L 11s smimenharmic none
8L 10s tarapechromic none
9L 9s nonawood nonwood
10L 8s taramechromic none
11L 7s smifenharmic none
12L 6s hexwoodmechromic none
13L 5s neiropenharmic none
14L 4s limepenharmic none
15L 3s paha-cheretonic none
16L 2s none none
17L 1s none none
19-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 18s none none
2L 17s lisapechromic none
3L 16s uha-sephitonic none
4L 15s uha-smitonic none
5L 14s chtonosenharmic none
6L 13s archeosenharmic none
7L 12s mean-enharmonic meen
8L 11s checkemenharmic none
9L 10s sinapechromic none
10L 9s sinamechromic none
11L 8s checkefenharmic none
12L 7s flat-enharmonic flaen
13L 6s archeopenharmic none
14L 5s chtonopenharmic none
15L 4s paha-smitonic none
16L 3s paha-sephitonic none
17L 2s lisamechromic none
18L 1s none none
20-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 19s none none
2L 18s none none
3L 17s none none
4L 16s uha-tetwoodtonic none
5L 15s penwoodsenharmic none
6L 14s ekisenharmic none
7L 13s archeomenharmic none
8L 12s tetwoodmenharmic none
9L 11s balomenharmic none
10L 10s decawood decwood
11L 9s balofenharmic none
12L 8s tetwoodfenharmic none
13L 7s archeofenharmic none
14L 6s ekipenharmic none
15L 5s penwoodpenharmic none
16L 4s paha-tetwoodtonic none
17L 3s none none
18L 2s none none
19L 1s none none
21-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 20s none none
2L 19s lisasenharmic none
3L 18s none none
4L 17s uha-gramitonic none
5L 16s uha-mechatonic none
6L 15s hyrusenharmic none
7L 14s septwoodpechromic none
8L 13s neiromenharmic none
9L 12s cheremenharmic none
10L 11s asinamenharmic none
11L 10s asinafenharmic none
12L 9s cherefenharmic none
13L 8s neirofenharmic none
14L 7s septwoodmechromic none
15L 6s hyrupenharmic none
16L 5s paha-mechatonic none
17L 4s paha-gramitonic none
18L 3s none none
19L 2s lisapenharmic none
20L 1s none none
22-note mosses
Pattern Name Stem
1L 21s none none
2L 20s none none
3L 19s zheligowskic zheli
4L 18s uha-limetonic none
5L 17s reinhardic none
6L 16s lemosenharmic none
7L 15s pinesenharmic none
8L 14s ekimenharmic none
9L 13s gramimenharmic none
10L 12s jaramenharmic none
11L 11s 11-wood none
12L 10s jarafenharmic none
13L 9s gramifenharmic none
14L 8s ekifenharmic none
15L 7s pinepenharmic none
16L 6s lemopenharmic none
17L 5s protofractalic none
18L 4s paha-limetonic none
19L 3s giedraitic kai
20L 2s none none
21L 1s none none