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Audio workstation software (DAWs)

See DAWs

Composing software

  • Alt-tuner - a tuning plug-in that does adaptive tunings, on-the-fly retuning, and scale analysis by Kite Giedraitis
  • Csound (→ Csound and Wikipedia: Csound).
    • Blue – a composition environment and frontend for Csound with python-based scripting capabilities.
    • MicroCsound – a Python-based front-end to Csound specifically geared to microtonal composition (tutorial).
    • Rationale – an open-source just intonation sequencer based on Csound and Python.
  • Melodyne – commercial audio software with editing and analysis functions for scales and tunings.
  • Mutabor – open-source dynamic microtuner, allowing mutable and static scales and tunings using flexible language developed for musicians with GUI (tutorial).
  • Schismata Musical composition tool in any user defined tuning. Supports polyrhythms, tuning changes in real-time, sliding notes, instrument design.
  • SoundModeler Free sound modeling application. Exports audio files and Halion multisamples. The note pitch is transposed in accordance with chosen temperament (equal, Pythagorean, just or meantone 1/4 comma) in the settings.
  • TiMidity++ (→ Wikipedia: TiMidity++)
  • Wilckerson Ganda's Microtonal Tuner - Wilckerson Ganda's tuner for all EDOs and EDONOIs
  • - A text-based microtonal sequencer, like a notepad. Write down musical ideas and share the link around

Software instruments

  • AudioKit Synth One – a free iPad/iPhone touch-to-play app with customizable layout and scales, which can import scales directly from within Wilsonic.
  • Chameleon – a customizable MIDI controller interface that can be used to create, among other things, virtual microtonal keyboards.
  • Droneo – 8-voice polyphonic droning iPhone app, defines intervals in just ratios, equal divisions of an interval, or interactively with a tone spiral. Sounds nice, too.
  • Dynamic Tonality – freely available dynamic tonality synthesizers and sequencers. (Wikipedia article on the dynamic tonality paradigm).
  • Frequency Explorer – a browser-based synthesizer + sequencer with precisely-configurable musical scale and harmonic spectrum.
  • GeoShred – an iPad/iPhone touch-to-play app with customizable layout and scales.
  • Hexagonal Keyboard Demo- by Sjoerd Visscher
  • Microtonal Fabric – web-browser based microtonal music platform, a framework for building universal or customized microtonal musical keyboard instruments, microtonal experiments and computing, music study, and teaching music lessons with possible remote options
  • Offtonic Microtonal Synthesizer – a JavaScript browser app that lets you play around with tunings.
  • Orphion – an iPad/iPhone touch-to-play app with customizable layout and scales.
  • Online 19-edo keyboard
  • Rational Keyboard - JI keyboard with keys that grow in size
  • Sonic Pi - The Live Coding Music Synth for Everyone – besides Live Coding, you can also record to WAV format, microtonal capabilities are provided through adding decimals to MIDI numbers.
  • SunVox Modular Music Studio – a modular synthesizer with pattern-based sequencer (tracker), available for desktop (free of cost) and mobile devices (for approx. $6). Changing the musical scale in SunVox (video)
  • Terpstra Keyboard – cross-platform web app that allows mapping of any tuning (in Scala format) on any form of generalized hexagonal layout. Settings are stored in the address bar for easy sharing.
  • ThumbJam – an iPad/iPhone touch-to-play app with customizable layout and scales. It can open any .scl (Scala) files.
  • Wickisynth - tuning demo synthesizer with Wicki-Hayden key layout
  • Xenharmonic Keyboard – a Windows-only isomorphic microtonal MIDI keyboard.

Mathematics software

Notation software

  • abcm2ps Free, open-source, ASCII-based editor with support for some microtonal accidentals.
  • Lilypond Free, open-source, outstanding notation software that produces beautiful engraving-quality output on a par with commercial applications like Sibelius.
  • MaxScore is an Java object for Max/MSP. It is based on Nick Didkovsky's JMSL which natively supports quarter-tone notation, but is capable of playing back microtonal music with unlimited precision. In the most recent version of MaxScore, microMaps have been implemented in the score canvas that allow the display of microtonal inflections in any kind of notation system provided that a font exists to represent those inflections. So far, microMaps for 48TET and 72TET exist. It is planned to develop an standalone editor which doesn't require any Max programming expertise.
  • Mus2 is a microtonal score editor with intonationally-correct playback. It allows the retuning of staves and import of symbols from graphics files and fonts to be used as accidentals.
  • MuseScore open-source notation software. See MuseScore for the dedicated page.

Software plugins (VST etc.)

See List of Microtonal Software Plugins


See Programming

Tuning manipulation software


Discontinued software