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These categories are somewhat arbitrary; many of these projects are multi-faceted.

Microtonal organizations

Boston Microtonal Society - founded 1998; permanent chamber ensemble NotaRiotous founded 2005; spring and fall concerts.

British Harry Partch Society (????-????)

Institute for the Advancement of Aural Arts (IAAA) - Ron Sword's lecture collective.

OddMusic Urbana-Champaign (Illinois)- instrument-building, scale-building composers collective, with emphasis on face-to-face musical meetings.

Microtonal Projects Ltd. (UK) - founded 2004 by Drs. Bousted.

Project XVII (Lima-Perú) - 17 edo and microtonal harmony.

Stichting Huygens-Fokker (Amsterdam) - promoting especially 31-tone music. well-maintained website with increasingly frequent events!

The Xenharmonic Alliance (19??-19??) - Ivor Darreg's mail-driven network of exchanging microtonal music and ideas.

UnTwelve (Chicago) - a Midwest-based project offering concerts, listening parties, and a composition competition.

World Harmony Project (Florida, most active 1992-2005) - world music with Denny Genovese's just intonation percussion orchestra.

Ekmelic Music Society/Gesellschaft für Ekmelische Musik (Austria), main focus is on 72edo, overtone music.

Microtonal festivals and events

American Festival of Microtonal Music (New York) - festival founded by Johnny Reinhard in 1981(?). See also PITCH label.

Bohlen-Pierce Symposium (Boston, 2010) - first symposium on the Bohlen-Pierce scale.

Festival (Da)(Ne)S 2011 (Slovenia) - this edition of KIBLA's festival focused on microtonality. Organized by Cameron Bobro.

Just Intonation Network (Bay Area) - in need of assistance in organizing since spring 2006!

Microfest (LA area) - Annual festival founded in 1997.

MMMDay06 (internet, 4/8/2006) - a convergence of microtonal music making. Final product: a podcast.

Music for People and Thingamajigs Festival (Bay area) - Annual festival founded in 1997, focused on odd instruments and tunings.

Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp (West Virginia) - Summer camp for microtonal composition and performance started in 2011.

Microtonal Record Labels

split-notes - Microtonal-with-a-beat Netlabel.

Microtonal Record Shelf (?)

Xen-Arts - Microtonal Netlabel

Spectropol - small-run/netlabel; not exclusively microtonal but very xen-heavy

Microtonal media, publishing, archives

IAAA Webstore - guitar scale books by Ron Sword

Frog Peak - artist-run composers' collective dedicated to publishing and producing experimental and unusual works.

The North American Embassy of Anaphoria Island archives of Microtonal materials including Erv Wilson, Joel Mandelbaum, and Kraig Grady

The Microtonal Activist (2001) - an e-zine by Jacky Ligon.

Xenharmonikon Online magazine launched in 2018. Editors include Bill Alves, Kraig Grady, and more. Follows Xenharmonikôn, a journal founded by John Chalmers in 1974.

Instrument-focused projects Tolgahan Çoğulu's microtonal guitar research, adjustable frets are used, cooperation with John Schnieder:

Microtonal Trumpet

Quartertone Marimba (Oslo, 2004-2008) - Ph.D. project by Kjell Tore Innervik

SeventeenTonePianoProject (Houston, 2006-2008) - four concertst using pianos tuned to 17 equal divisions of the octave.

Bohlen-Pierce Clarinet Project - by Stephen Fox.

Alternative Tuning Projects (London, 1998) - Patrick Ozzard-Low's study and proposal for 21st-Century Orchestral Instruments.

Mini-initiatives on this wiki:

ProgressReport: tell your story!

MMMMonth07 - a proposal/brainstorm that wasn't acted upon.

Porcupine Album Project (2012)

Sisters to Microtonality

electroacoustic music

non-western musics

DIY instrument making (including oddmusic and junkmusic)

a capella music (including barbershop)

music therapy / spiritual music / meditative music

derriere-garde music (alternate-history, neo- )

overtone music (see the Overtone Music Network)