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These categories are somewhat arbitrary; many of these projects are multi-faceted.

Microtonal organizations

Microtonal festivals and events

Microtonal Record Labels

  • split-notes — Microtonal-with-a-beat Netlabel.
  • Microtonal Record Shelf (?)
  • Xen-Arts — Microtonal Netlabel
  • Spectropol — small-run/netlabel; not exclusively microtonal but very xen-heavy

Microtonal media, publishing, archives

Instrument-focused projects

Mini-initiatives on this wiki

Sisters to Microtonality

  • electroacoustic music
  • non-western musics
  • DIY instrument making (including oddmusic and junkmusic)
  • a capella music (including barbershop)
  • music therapy / spiritual music / meditative music
  • derriere-garde music (alternate-history, neo- )
  • overtone music (see the Overtone Music Network)