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This page is for general discussion on how to improve the wiki


Future of this wiki

Please leave suggestions below. Don't forget to sign them: type ~~~~ after your comment to leave a signature. For example: Mike Battaglia (talk) 12:46, 19 September 2018 (UTC)

Complete incomplete articles

Eighteen articles in this wiki are incomplete. Without people to add info, this wiki couldn't progress. We encourage users to complete the articles below and hope former experienced Xenharmonic Wiki users come here. If an article becomes complete, a new placeholder article may be done (such as an edo or a broken link) to replace the previous in the list to give experienced users more to do.

Pages in this list can also be seen at Category:Stub (however that category is moderated by everyone, while this list is moderated by User:PiotrGrochowski, so the two lists may diverge over time).

See Category:Todo for articles with other issues.

  1. Table of 171edo intervals (complete a big table)
  2. Well Temperament (add more information)
  3. 107edo (add more information)
  4. 153edo (add more information)
  5. 218edo (add more information)
  6. 0/0 (add more information)
  7. 225/224 (add more information)
  8. 32805/32768 (add more information)
  9. 15625/15552 (add more information)
  10. Tritone (add more information)
  11. 167edo (add more information)
  12. 110edo (add more information)
  13. Frequency ratio (add more information)
  14. Extended meantone notation (find symbols for the notation)
  15. 436edo (add more information)
  16. 1445/1444 (add more information)
  17. Xenharmonic Wiki:General disclaimer (add more information)
  18. 117edo (add more information)

(from User:PiotrGrochowski)

Javascript Strategy

Javascript is by default disabled on Mediawiki for security reasons. However, it could be a really really powerful tool for making accessible, interactive explanations for a lot of things. Just as an example, imagine that any number followed by ¢ would automagically create an exemplary audio file like the one linked to at the top of octave...imagine something like that playing when you hover over the text. Or imagine a Lissajous curve appears in the background when you hover over a just ratio. There are some of us capable in Javascript, and some extant widgets written in Javascript, like Billy Stiltner's MOSedo and AKJ's tools. We need at least a collected xenharmonic Javascript library, and maybe that project can't live here, but it would be nice to see it eventually integrated somehow. Xenjacob (talk) 15:51, 22 September 2018 (UTC)

Add more languages

This wiki could benefit from wiki translators to add new languages to this wiki. PiotrGrochowski (talk) 18:05, 4 October 2018 (UTC)

Add image annotations

Could you install this https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Gadget-ImageAnnotator/Installation so we can add annotations to diagrams, like labeling chords in File:Consonance map, triads, sawtooth waves.png ? ResonantFrequencies (talk) 17:51, 26 January 2019 (UTC)

Process for importing templates and all their dependencies: https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/117429/how-to-use-wikipedia-templates-on-an-outside-mediawiki/117436#117436 ResonantFrequencies (talk) 02:38, 2 July 2019 (UTC)

Interwiki for xen-calc

Requesting interwiki for https://www.yacavone.net/xen-calc/?q=$1. These links are used by Template:Infobox Interval and captchas are annoying. Plumtree (talk) 15:02, 10 October 2022 (UTC)

originally coming from wikispaces

Transfer from riters.com

There are still a couple of pages at http://riters.com/microtonal that could be copied over if we want this to be the one true wiki. (from Wikispaces)
Warning: That site is very old! (from User:PiotrGrochowski)

Archived from Wikispaces

Below is the original archived discussion from Wikispaces. It's also relevant, delete if done. After any user edits made to the below, it will be moved above, as in the "transfer from riters" situation, which is categorized above due to being edited by User:PiotrGrochowski.

A To-Do list, all points of discussion


A section on notation

Improved Yahoo! search engine

Now that you can do an advanced search of the tuning (or other) list over the entirety of its life on Yahoo, there is less need to copy things from the tuning list archive. On the other hand, particularly well-written emails might deserve to get their own page. Authors' permissions necessary?

Database of "microtonal solutions"

not only examples of hardware-software setups as Jon Szanto has repeatedly suggested, but also acoustic solutions, experiencial instrument-making info, a list with the location of every known rare microtonal instrument, and perhaps a way for composers to write for such instruments (providing the curators of them want this)

An instrument-centric approach: MicrotonalInstruments

Improved Listening List

The list of downloadable microtonal sounds is in good shape. It does need people to watch relevant sources (tuning and MMM lists come to mind) and add/update the links. A reviewing or rating system, perhaps also of CD releases, may additionally be helpful.

Fill out the scale catalogue

Sources for this: all the Yahoo! lists, the Scala archive, original reflection on new and old scales, pages of X.J. Scott, David Finnamore, Tonalsoft...? Have at least one sound example (midi, mp3, ogg...) for each scale, and keep in mind that this wiki allows you to upload files up to 5 MB each.

Ever since learning about the MOS scales I have desired but not seen a good, thorough introduction to them, or to the two-dimensional method of creating scales.

An FAQ: everyone posts questions, answers.

This could be sufficiently primed by mining the lists. But more importantly it would need to be linked to by a high-search-engine-ranking page.

Pages on debates?

Do we want to touch the dangerous stuff? JI vs. ET vs. EDO? MMM vs. just plain MM? The point would not be to have another place to play out the old arguments, but to make something useful out of them.

On the other hand, we could make pages on points that many can agree on, with the aim of working together to come up with ways to meet our collective goals. The obvious one, originally Harry Partch: Microtonality is overlooked or dismissed all too often, and the best way to counter its detractors is in making good music with it.

More on making things: a radical proposal

To me, the wiki as a structure remains an invitation to try new ways to represent information and to cause social interaction to happen. Much of this is overlap with the general Web 2.0 mentality, as well as creeping exhibitionism: why blog or wiki about something you're doing instead of just doing it? What I add to it are Unreasonable Expectations (that others are doing similar things and just need a poke or two in the direction of sharing) and Half-Baked Ideas (for projects that I personally don't have the time to complete but we can perhaps get a coalition of the wishing-it-would-happen). This idea itself is admittedly half-baked, but (and this is the point) I don't let it stop me.

So the radical proposal is this: be irresponsible. Start something you don't intend to finish, just to see how beautiful it is. Pretend you are backed up by a solid movement of joyous people rather than a smattering of bickering and frigid but seemingly well-meaning folks. And it will (maybe) come true.

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