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Hi there! I'm Frédéric Gagné (he/him), aka fredg999. I live in Repentigny, Quebec (Canada), close to Montreal.

I am a casual composer, a wiki editor and a moderator on XA Discord.


I started exploring xenharmonic music in 2015 through the repertoire of Ivan Wyschnegradsky. I regained interest in the matter in 2018 when I found Sevish's music. In July 2021, I joined XA Discord and the Xenharmonic Wiki. In July 2023, I became a moderator on XA Discord.

I'm interested in improving the Xen Wiki in whichever way I can — I'm a math teacher, so I enjoy trying to make theory both accessible for beginners and accurate for experts.


Microtonal/xenharmonic works
Year Title Tuning Length Links/Audio
2016 Prélude en quarts de ton 24edo 2:06 MuseScore
2021 15 ans de prison pour ça?! (WC1) 15edo 1:15 MuseScore (instrumental)
2021 Vomir dans le métro (WC9) 7edo 1:12 MuseScore (instrumental)
2021 Dish Rag (WC12) 41edo 0:45 Xenpaper (draft)

2021 Chimère (WC13) 17edo 1:51 MuseScore
2021 Acheter la paix (WC15) 26neji 0:43 Xenpaper (draft)
2021 Vaporsine (WC16) 14edo 2:15 MuseScore
2021 Whalectric (WC17) 51edo 1:57 MuseScore
2021 Snack Box (WC18) 24edo 0:35 MuseScore
2021 Énergie noire (WC19) 23edo 0:20 MuseScore
2021 Chlorine Man (WC21) 17edo 1:36 MuseScore
2021 Chlorine Man Remix (ft. TyMyT) 17edo 0:57 SoundCloud
YouTube (SvS x LM event)
2021 Stéréoscope : Nuit d'hiver (WC34) 43edo & 47edo 2:00 MuseScore
2022 Jetlag (WC23) 22edo 1:24 MuseScore
YouTube (SvS x LM event)
2022 Auto-sad (WC24) Various edos 1:42 MuseScore
2022 Mirage Haze
(with ArmoksHolyBeard and AraMax.exe)
21edo 1:39 MuseScore (draft)
YouTube (Deleted User EP)
2022 Tostarena: Ruins (21edo cover) 21edo 1:34 MuseScore
2023 Skipping Along 9edo 1:00 MuseScore
2023 Fragment for harpsichord in porcupine[15] 11-limit CTE porcupine[15] 0:26 SoundCloud
2023 Floating in Outer Space 4:5:6:7 cross-set scale 1:21 MuseScore
YouTube (performance by Stephen Weigel)


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