Ivan Wyschnegradsky

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Ivan Wyschnegradsky (May 14, 1893 – September 29, 1979) was a Russian composer, later of French citizenship (from 1920 onwards), primarily known for his microtonal compositions.

His microtonal works are mostly set in 24edo (quarter tones), 36edo (sixth tones), 48edo (eighth tones), 72edo (twelfth tones) and 96edo (sixteenth tones), but he also has a composition in (probably) compressed 17edo, possibly equivalent to 18edo (third tones) and another in 31edo.

One of his most known works, 24 Préludes dans tous les tons de l'échelle chromatique diatonisée à 13 sons, introduces an 11L 2s MOS scale, generated by a circle of "major fourths" of 24edo (550¢11/8) and which he treats as a "diatonicized chromatic scale" in reference to the similar structure of the diatonic scale.

He influenced many composers after him, including Bruce Mather.