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See also this Microtonal Spotify Playlist. Put it on Shuffle and have a great intro to xen in every genre.

A list originally started by Andrew Heathwaite. If you think anything should be changed, change it yourself! Or leave a note about it here.

For a list of pieces that were originally written in a non-xenharmonic context, and then translated into a xenharmonic tuning, see Familiar melodies in unfamiliar tunings. (Stephen Weigel's YouTube channel, Mike Battaglia's SoundCloud, and H. Wakabayashi's YouTube channel have great examples of these).

Notable examples from 20th century classical music that briefly use the 7th harmonic, and for the Britten piece, the 11th harmonic as well:


Also: please don't put external links on artist's name in first column. Put them in LINKS column, Link description of what they are (Website, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.)


Year Links Title Synopsis Genres, tunings, keywords Additional notes
2023 YouTube Xenharmonic Alliance Discord - Adxenture EP 11 artists.
Theme: Explore + Discover
Tunings: 15edo, 17-note tempered ternary scale*, 26edo, 27edo, 12-tone 7-limit scale**, 21edo, 22edo, 37edo Was an entry in the Server vs Server V competition.
*28/27 + 0.193 ¢, 29/27 + 2.596 ¢, 9/8 - 1.066 ¢, 7/6 - 0.873 ¢, 29/24 + 1.53 ¢, 81/64 - 2.132 ¢, 21/16 - 1.939 ¢, 87/64 + 0.464 ¢, 116/81 + 3.129 ¢, 3/2 - 0.533 ¢, 14/9 - 0.34 ¢, 29/18 + 2.063 ¢, 27/16 - 1.599 ¢, 7/4 - 1.406 ¢, 29/16 + 0.997 ¢, 243/128 - 2.665 ¢, 2/1
**135/128, 9/8, 75/64, 5/4, 21/16, 45/32, 3/2, 25/16, 27/16, 7/4, 15/8, 2/1
2023 YouTube Xenharmonic Alliance Discord - Xen Cover Project - Kids Songs Edition 4 artists.
Theme: Kids Songs
Tunings: 46edo, octave-reduced 10L 7s MOS, 53edo, 15edo
2023 YouTube Xenharmonic Alliance Discord - Cover My Song 7 artists. 8 tracks. Tunings: Free pitch, 22edo, 410edo, 159edo, 41edo, 19edo, 27edo
2022 YouTube Xenharmonic Alliance Discord - Xen Cover Project - Christmas 2022 Edition! 8 artists.
Theme: Christmas and Winter songs
Tunings: 7-Limit POTE Whitewood[21], 29edo, 23edo, 159edo*, 22edo, 353edo**, Iceface 75***, 17edo, Harmonics 16-32 starting from multiple notes**** *Used for multiple songs, each song with a different reference pitch; main scale: 27\159, 51\159, 66\159, 93\159, 120\159, 144\159, 159\159
**38\353 Rectified Hebrew + 38\353 Apparatus on Harp
***12edo with the black piano keys raised 75 cents
****D = 293.333 Hz, G = 195.556 Hz, C = 260.741 Hz, F = 173.827 Hz, Bb = 234.667 Hz, Eb = 156.444 Hz
2022 Youtube Xenharmonic Alliance Discord - Xen Cover Project 2 10 artists.
Covers of "Tostarena: Ruins" from Super Mario Odyssey.
Tunings: 17edo, 13-limit JI*, 21edo, 19edo, 13-limit lemba, 13-limit srutal[12], 23edo, 11-limit JI**, 37edo, 33edo *28/27, 9/8, 7/6, 63/52, 4/3, 3/2, 14/9, 21/13, 7/4, 2/1
**12/11, 9/8, 6/5, 5/4, 4/3, 15/11, 3/2, 18/11, 27/16, 16/9, 15/8, 2/1
2022 Youtube Xenharmonic Alliance Discord - Deleted User EP 12 artists.
Theme: Secrets
Tunings: 19edo, 2)5 CPS 3 7 9 11 13, 21edo, 18edo, 29edo, 33edo, 22edo, 11edo, 13edo, a porcupine-derived nonoctave tuning Was an entry in the Server vs Server IV competition.
2022 Youtube Xenharmonic Alliance Discord - Xen Cover Project 7 artists.
Covers of "Aquatic Ambience" from Donkey Kong Country.
Tunings: 7-limit JI*, 18edo, 17edo, 7-limit JI**, 41edo, 15edo, 22edo *9/8, 7/6, 6/5, 4/3, 3/2, 14/9, 8/5, 16/9, 2/1
**28/27, 9/8, 6/5, 5/4, 4/3, 7/5, 3/2, 8/5, 5/3, 9/5, 15/8, 2/1
2022 Youtube Xenharmonic Alliance Discord - LM x SvS 1v1s 10 one-minute tracks by 10 artists. Tunings: 16edo neji /128, 22edo, 17edo, Ibn Sina diatonic + extra chromatic tones (JI)*, 31edo, 20edo, 24edo, 16edo, 26edo LM x SvS = Lucid Monday x Server vs Server
*14/13, 7/6, 4/3, 3/2, 21/13, 7/4, 2/1 + 28/27, 21/20, 14/9
2021 Bandcamp


STAFFcirc vol. 7b - Luna Octava 15 artists. Each track uses a different EDO or other equal-step tuning.
2021 Youtube Xenharmonic Alliance Discord - Gone Too Deep EP 14 artists.
Theme: Dreams
Tunings: 14edo, a Neji tuning, 18edo, 17edo, 96edo, 31edo, 15edo, 21edo, 23edo, 20edo Was an entry in the Server vs Server III competition.
2021 Bandcamp


STAFFcirc vol. 7 - Terra Octava 16 artists. Each track uses a different EDO.
2019 Listen free on Spotify

More info.

Microtonal Freedom (A Benefit Compilation Album for Lyn Ulbricht) 17 groups/artists. Many of them are contributors on this wiki. GENRES: Blues, metal, prog, trip-hop, hip-hop, funk, classical, ambient, math, punk, spoken, folk, solo acoustic guitar. Very good overview, and very listenable, especially for people without experience in Xen, or who think it sounds odd.
2016 Split-notes Next Xen 17 groups/artists.
2010 Split-notes Crack My Pitch Up 10 groups/artists.
1998 Broken Link? A Microtonal Musical Experience 10-ish groups/artists. Many of the tracks on the CD were the first widely available audio files on the internet featuring xenharmonic tunings.


Name Links Recommended works Members Genres, tunings, keywords Location Years microtonally active Additional notes


Agonanist Bandcamp Black metal in various EDO's California
Bill Alves Website
Harvey Mudd College
Imbal-Imbalan Electronic JI, gamelan, etc. Different tunings on different songs. Sometimes creates his own tunings just for one song. Claremont, California 1987- College professor, author. Important cat. Check him out.
Aphex Twin Official Store
Selected Ambient Works Volume II
Electronic music Scotland 1994-
Atar Arad YouTube Sonata for Viola with quartertones
Astroid power-up! CD Baby[dead link] (includes audio previews) Clips of hyper drum&bass. Microtonal tracks: 3, 4, 8 and 9 (60-EDO)


Christopher Bailey Website Crystallized JI, 17-EDO, 19-EDO, 7-limit adaptive
Mike Battaglia SoundCloud "Natural"-sounding Porcupine Comma Pump Experiments Various EDOs, technical studies, experimental music cognition demos (a.k.a. Bugs, a.k.a. The Bugs)
Matt Barber Rochester EDU listing In some pieces, 19-ED(per 2:1 and 3:1), quartertones, 11-EDO and 14-EDO in 3:2 equivalence
Jacob Barton Website Sequenced and acoustic, various EDO and JI
Dennis Báthory-Kitsz Website "Thièle" - violin in quartertones
David Beardsley Blog
JI electric guitar and JI chamber music.
Antoine Beaudet SoundCloud (as Jollybard) SuperBeat
Joan temperament, JI, electronic
benyamind Bandcamp
31edo, 22edo, JI, orchestral, piano
BipTunia Website
Microtonal Cats from Alpha-Centauri” Michael W. Dean (synths, singing, talking)
Phil Wormuth (poetry, talking)
Darkwave, rock, pop, experimental, poetry with music, different tunings on every song. Prolific. Casper Wyoming 2018- MWD is User:SyntheticThought on this wiki. MWD also makes xen VST software.
Marcus Alessi Bittencourt Website Classic electronic pan-intonational
Easley Blackwood Jr. YouTube Microtonal etudes [excerpts]
Douglas Blumeyer SoundCloud
Musical patterns Berkeley 2006-
Cameron Bobro Soundcloud Bass vocals and microtonal folk instruments in haunting songs. Maribor, Slovenia
M. Edward Borasky Stochastic JI
Donald Bousted Website Microtonal music and film
Graham Breed Website When I Set Out for Lyonnesse Electronic with spoken word; (Thomas Hardy poems), examples of different temperaments
Chris Bryan Various
Brendan Byrnes Website
Brendan Byrnes + various side players. Great production. Progressive, rock, driving, good vocals. Is also in band ILEVENS (separate entry below). Los Angeles / Glendale 2011- Great first xen for many people.
Warren Burt Website (flashing images warning) Sound installation; manipulated voice...


Tolgahan Çoğulu YouTube
Website 1
Website 2
Microtonal guitar duo Microtonal guitar. Custom builds guitars with half, quarter frets, and movable frets. Istanbul, Turkey 2008- Good first xen for many people. Popular. Teaches music at Istanbul Technical University.
Charles Loli Website MP3 drone 17-EDO, 20-EDO, 29-EDO and 53-EDO
Wendy Carlos Wikipedia
Video analyzing her microtonal scales
Beauty and the Beast Not all her work is microtonal, but Beauty in the Beast (1986) is. She invented her own non-octave-repeating musical scales for it. Early synthesizer pioneer (Switched on Bach, 1968)
Catler Bros. / Jon Catler SoundClick
Jon Catler on Wikipedia
Interview with Jon Catler
Hyperspace Jon Catler 64-note JI bluesrock. Have had mainstream press in Rolling Stone, Downbeat, and elsewhere. Jon Catler runs FreeNote Records. Jon Catler also plays in The Fretless Brothers and makes Freenote guitars.
City of the Asleep Website Jason Yerger Electronica, post-rock, and unclassifiable music in a variety of tunings, especially uncommon EDOs and theoretically-discordant tunings
Nick Collins Blog
YouTube playlist
Simphony 2, Movement 1 (MP3 direct link) Microtonal supercollider tempo canons
William Copper Website Music in 5-limit JI, printed scores with intonation markings, intonalism
Mildred Couper Wikipedia
PDF academic article
Scores at USC Santa Barbara site
Calliope of the Nine Muses
Quartertone pianos Buenos Aires, Argentina / Santa Barbara, California Died in 1974
Cryptic Ruse Bandcamp Jason Yerger Instrumental progressive metal & drone-metal in 13edo, 14edo, 15edo, 17edo, and 23edo
David J. Cubberly Listing at Discogs
Per email reply from him, no listen links online. See note on Talk page. Sequenced microtonal midi ensemble Urbana, Illinois


Philip Dadson Wikipedia
Centre for New Zealand Music
Instruments in JI, installations and performance
Ivor Darreg Wikipedia Prelude 2 For 19 Tone Guitar
Ivor Darreg Originals - I
Ivor Darreg Originals - II
San Diego, Los Angeles c. 1936-1994 Important cat. Check him out. "Granddaddy of xenharmonic music."
Jarod DCamp SoundClick Electronic - various tunings
Tútim Dennsuul Wafiil List of MP3s Clips in 23-EDO
Mark Deutsch Website
Sensual acoustic microtonal music, world influence Invented the Bazantar, a stringed instrument
Diamond Doll Bandcamp
Hello My Name's Diamond Doll
Little Brother
Kit Hagerstrom (songwriting, production, vocals)
Grey Tyson (vocals)
Postpunk, hyperpop, queercore, various EDOs Winnipeg, Manitoba 2019- good entry point to xen
Divide by Pi Google Music
CD Baby[dead link] (can listen to excerpts)
MP3 clips: synthesizer and percussion improvisations
Paul Dolden Bandcamp
dotuXil Youtube
Collected Refractions Bandcamp
Collected Refractions Youtube
Electronic, Various Tunings, Melodic 2023-
David B. Doty Website Steel Suite Synth JI, acoustic guitar JI
Arnold Dreyblatt Website Grooving JI
Dsilton Trio Website
Duschscha Georg Vogel (clavinet, synthesizer, composition)
David Dornig (31-tone guitars)
Valentin Duit (drumset)
Odd time signatures, chamber influence, jazz influence. 31edo. Vienna, Austria 2015-
Jacques Dudon YouTube
Academic profile
Forced Exposure
Samples of "Lumières audibles" JI electronic
Richard Dunlap SoundClick Mostly 12-EDO California USA


Paul Erlich YouTube
UnTwelve interview
22-EDO guitar


John Farah Website


String quartet, electronic in 19-EDO
FFF Fiale Bandcamp Fabrizio Fulvio Fausto Fiale 16-EDO instrumental guitar thrash metal and eclectic rock Italy
David J. Finnamore List of MP3s
13 TET MP3s
Etudes using "golden horograms"; clips of dirty 13-EDO guitar
Daniel Forro SoundClick
List of MP3s
Kakamigahara, Japan
Harold Fortuin 2 MP3s
Glenn R. Frantz Songs on Three Ragtime-Based Pieces} Freestyle JI via computer, based on ragtime music
Adam Freese YouTube Classical, electronic
Ellen Fullman Website
Just intonation San Francisco Bay Area, CA known for her 70-foot (21-meter) Long String instrument, tuned in just intonation and played with rosin-coated fingers.


Frédéric Gagné YouTube Classical, electronic
Kyle Gann Website
MP3s on website
List of compositions
Xenharmonic JI, now with more Sitting Bull!
Kite Giedraitis see Tall Kite
Monroe Golden Website
Microtonal chamber music, microtone-informed 12-EDO
The Gongs Momus website Rob Reich (full length album on Youtube) Peter Blasser
Clara Latham
Grisha Krivchenia
Stefan Tcherepnin
Oberlin, OH 2001-2002 First song on this, and whole record.
Mark Gould MP3
1 electronic mp3: 10-EDO; midi recorder duets in 19-EDO
Kraig Grady YouTube
Live at the Cad Factory
Ear Meal (music + Skype interview)
Original acoustic instruments/ensembles informed by the music of Anaphoria Island Wollongong, Australia
Patrick Grant Bandcamp
Bio and audio examples
FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music "Percussion, gamelan, microtonal instruments, and electric chamber ensembles with narrative structures informed by chaos theory, biological forms, and B-horror films." New York City
Peter Guidi Wikipedia One track of quartertone flute (Can find music of his on YouTube, but isn't microtonal. Anyone got links to his microtonal music?)
Milan Guštar Listing of music Generative composition for piano and theremin Music in various tunings (06-EDO, 07-EDO, 08-EDO, 12-EDO, JI) Czech Republic


Edu Haubensak Website Sechs Walserminiaturen (1996) for soprano and violin Music for retuned pianos and retuned strings
Georg Hajdu Website

Lecture on YouTube

Electronic 17-EDO; scene from opera Der Sprung (Bohlen-Pierce) (some of his music online is not microtonal. Anyone got a link to microtonal music by him?)
Jeff Harrington Website
Acid Bach III for Quartertone Microtonal Synthesize Electronic in 19-EDO, 24-EDO, others
Lou Harrison Wikipedia
Steel Guitar piece
John Schneider plays Lou Harrison Jahla Nek Chand for solo guitar in JI
Robert Hasegawa Website
Acoustic chamber JI, quartertones, 19-tone pianos, with scores
Neil Haverstick Website African Stick Excerpts - guitars in 19-EDO, 31-EDO and 34-EDO Colorado "Stickman" has some method books and quite a few radio spots as well.
Andrew Heathwaite Bandcamp
Electronic xenharmonic improvisations
Amano Hideya YouTube 1 to 11 tone Equal temperament songs

Like 40s music 11EDO

Various EDOs Tokyo Japan
Jim Horton and Bill Thibault Bill Thibault website
Info on Dartmouth website
Jim Horton list of works
Gorgeous Clothed Flies Electronic microtonal
Sten Hostfalt Website
CD Baby[dead link] (has a few excerpts)
Excerpts of microtonal guitar (72-EDO)
Horse Lords Bandcamp Mixtape IV Sam Haberman
Max Eilbacher
Owen Gardner
Andrew Bernstein
Just intonation, polyrhythm, minimalist, musique concrète Baltimore, MD 2012-
Chuckk Hubbard anyone got a current link? JI sequenced music, etc.
Peter Lucas Hulen Website Lamentationes Jeremiae I Modern classical electronic compositions - search website page for 'microtonal'


ILEVENS Bandcamp
Split Notes Records
Drowns Brendan Byrnes (vocals, guitar)
Mike Horick (drums)
Lauren Davis (synths)
Rusty Kennedy (bass)
22edo, rock band, led by Brendan Byrnes Los Angeles 2015-


Ralph Jarzombek Website with listen links Micro 1
Micro 6
14edo, 17edo, Bohlen-Pierce, electronic 1980s If you like the Residents, you'll love this.
Aaron Krister Johnson SoundCloud
The Juggler Mostly electronic compositions and improvisations; some theatre incidental music
JC & The Microtones Cowpeople Johnny Reinhard (electric bassoon)
Brad Catler (electric fretless bass)
Jon Catler (electric guitar)
A. C. Lewis (percussion)
Deborah Rothrock (vocals)
New York City 1984 Rockabilly, 31edo, cowpunk
Jock Tears Bandcamp
Nasty Boy
Live video
Bad Boys (album)
Lauren Ray (vocals)
Lauren Smith (bass)
Spencer Hargreaves (guitar)
Dustin Bromley (drum)
Best punk band name ever Vancouver, BC 2016- Peppy punk rock, female vocals, 17edo
Christiaan de Jong SoundCloud (not all microtonal)
Guitar, flute and tape
Churzkia Jrakavla Bandcamp Red Moon Electronic JI; down tempo, IDM, synthwave, and ambient, with mystical/mythological themes Vancouver, BC 2002-
Jute Gyte Bandcamp The Sparrow 12" EP Adam Kalmbach Black metal, 24edo Springfield, MO 2002- Has a relatively large following. Lots of >10 minute long quartertone black metal epics.


Ali Deniz Kardelen Kara Toprak (Acoustic Microtonal Guitar Not sure if all microtonal but has at least one amazing microtonal guitar piece Great first xen piece for people who like acoustic music
Buzz Kimball About his instruments and music
Homemade guitars, etc., in EDOs and JI, electronic, rock Buzz Kimball builds most of his instruments himself in the workshop in his barn.
Can't find listen links. Anyone got one?
dt King SoundClick "Change Jar" for quartertone piano
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Wikipedia
Flying Microtonal Banana
Sleep Drifter (live in radio station studio)
Stu Mackenzie
Ambrose Kenny Smith
Joey Walker
Cook Craig
Lucas Skinner
Michael Cavanagh
Eric Moore
Melbourne, Australia 2017- 24edo, alternative, garage
Wayne Kirby YouTube Demos, full and excerpts, mp3 and midi
Kenneth Kirschner Website (has download link for zipped MP3s)
Looong mp3 of stretched piano, etc., ambient microtonal
Eric Knechtges Wikipedia
Acoustic (choir) & electronic, various JI & EDOs


Anne La Berge Website
Label Unsounds (buy link has listen link of excerpts)
Utter (performance art piece with Anne playing live) Quartertone flute - go to "Releases"
Last Sacrament Bandcamp Ron Sword (vocals, guitar, drums)
Mike Maletta (lead guitar)
Pat Horgan (bass)
16edo death metal Florida 2006- Ron also makes Sword guitars and does a lot of guitar and bass conversions. Pat also does conversions.
Kade Lehman Bandcamp
Perfect Peace Ambient, electronica, chill, jazz, jazztronica, lo-fi, lofi, minimal. Dallas, TX 2021- Tuning, genre, and sound explorer.
Jacky Ligon Website Lightweave filmic xenharmonic music and software blog. Sometimes collaborates with Sevish. Also makes microtonal VST synths IVOR2, FMTS2, One SF2, Font2
Amit Lissack Listing on New England Conservatory of Music alumni site Electronic instrumental. Can't find listen links. Anyone got one?
Alvin Lucier Wikipedia
Mode Records site (includes listen links)
UBUWeb (includes original 1969 recording of I Am Sitting In A Room)
Slow-to-change cluster acoustic
Charles Lucy Website
List of Lucy tune direct MP3s
Lucy tunes lullabies info page
Lucy tunes lullabies CD Baby[dead link] (buy page, has listen excerpt links) Miscellaneous works in progress - also see Lucy Tuning page


Massive Audio Nerve (M.A.N.) Wikipedia (Deutsch)
Tony Jelencovich (vocals)
Mark Fristedt (guitar)
Robert Hakemo (bass)
Adde Larsson (drums)
+ 5 former members
24edo Nümetal 2010-2014
Joe Maneri Wikipedia
New York Times obituary
Spotify (not all microtonal)
Audio interview
Some modern classical excerpts Died in 2009
Rick McGowan There is one of his pieces at the beginning of this microtonal podcast episode Microtonal works for the theatre
John McLaird Quiet audio piece, Ogives in a Winter Shelter Belt (direct MP3 link) 7edo, 40edo, 11-limit, Just intonation, sampled piano
Pete McRae Wikipedia Eikosany blues
Carl McTague Website (ii-V-I)7 and Heptadecaphonic Drops
Melopoeia Bandcamp Dave Tremblay
Brian Leong
26edo black metal Montreal, QC Text-to-midi of Tolkien and other stories.
Claudi Meneghin Soonlabel[dead link]
Neobaroque music
The Mercury Tree Bandcamp Ben Spees
Connor Reilly
Oliver Campbell
Igliashon Jones
17edo, 23edo, progressive rock, psychedelic, math rock Portland, OR 2007- Newer work is all microtonal. Older works are standard or a mixture.
Herman Miller Soonlabel[dead link]
Website 1
Website 2
Mizarian Porcupine Overture
Ivari na taniravi
Compositions in linear temperaments, ETs; Warped Canon; songs in conlangs
Shaahin Mohajeri Website Modal, sequenced in various EDO/ADO/EDL/AIDO/ADL
MonoNeon Wikipedia
Dywane Thomas Jr. 24edo funk, soul, hip-hop Tennessee 2013-2015 (?) Newer recordings seem to be standard tuning, but there was a lot of 24edo released around 2015.
Joseph Monzo TonalSoft website Just intonation, jazz rock
John Moriarty SoundCloud Rock and improv in various regularly tempered tunings
Frederick Moore Some microtonal works, electronic, other
Aaron Myers-Brooks Bandcamp 17edo Hard rock/metal on guitar PA 2019


Naegleria Fowleri Website
III Flagellate - Propulsion Bostjan Zupancic (guitar and bass)
Luna Bird (vocals)
19edo metal St. Johnsbury, Vermont 2017- Parrot singing with a xen metal project. What's not to love?
Ron Nagorcka Website Just intonation, digeridoo, synthesizers, birds...
norokusi YouTube
Classical, contemporary and jazz in various edos Tokyo, Japan 2017-
Juhani Nuorvala SoundCloud Various tunings


Mats Öljare Website Contrapuntal midi in various EDOs and etc's


Tristan Parker Website Just intonation, free-pitch, electronic
P-ART Website Paul A.R. Timmermans Experimental
Harry Partch American Mavericks
Harry Partch Information Center
11-limit, Just intonation, acoustic, monophony Oakland, CA 1930-1972 One of the first 20th-century composers in the West to work systematically with microtonal scales
Joseph Pehrson Website Blackjack, acoustic, electronic
pfly SoundCloud Zlo-88 Paul Fly 88cET
Samuel Pellman Website Just intonation, Nonoctave, Equal Temperaments, electronic
Joseph Post MySpace Crystal-JI, acoustic guitar
Tom Price Electronic
Kees van Prooijen Website Odd Piano Bohlen-Pierce, timbre-stretched piano
Barry Prophet Website Acoustic, sound sculptures



Johnny Reinhard Wikipedia
American Festival of Microtonal Music
Stereo Society
Reinhard Ensemble Compositions Acoustic polymicrotonality New York, NY 1981- Founded American Festival of Microtonal Music (AFMM)
Robert Rich Website 7-limit, just intonation, ambient
Michael Robinson Website Worldly electronic microtonal
Prent Rodgers Website "Music that's fake but accurate"
Dante Rosati Website Just intonation, solo guitar
Robert Ross Website 19edo


Marc Sabat Website Just intonation, guitar
Carlos Sampaio SoundClick Electronic xenharmonics
Scott Sandvik Website Slide guitar
Edward Schocker Website Dramatic works - excerpts and fulls
Margo Schulter Website Neo-medieval xenharmonic
Andrew Schulze Website Some mp3s of electronic JI
Ethan Schwartz Myspace JI music based on tetrachords, for guitar and keyboard
X. J. Scott Website
Electronic xenharmonic
George Secor Website Various vintage Scalatron performances
Dave Seidel Website Microtonal minimalism and ambience, using Csound
Carlo Serafini Website
Electronic xenharmonic. Isomorphic keyboard: the Opal Chameleon Florence, Italy Futurist composer. Also, is admin on Facebook Microtonalitaly group.
Bill Sethares Website Truth on a Bus Electronic xenharmonic with stretched partials
Sevish Website
Desert Island Rain
Sean Archibald (with occasional guest musicians) Drum 'n' bass / electronic / trip-hop / ambient; in EDOs, JI, nonoctave scales and various others. "Microtonal music with a beat"; stellar production quality. London, England 2010- Popular (for xen). Great first xen for many people. Also runs several xen-related projects.
Ezra Sims Website Music in 72-EDO
Gene Ward Smith Microtonal Music by Gene Ward Smith Sequenced originals; Mad Science Tuning; renderings of colleagues' music
Jon Lyle Smith Sequenced classical in odd meters
Sononym YouTube Humors Max McCargar Experimental electronic jazz
Jim Cole and Spectral Voices Website Clips of meditative New Age with overtone singing
Soundwell (Anders Erkéus) Soundcloud "Snake" overtone flute
Manfred Stahnke Website One piece "Partch Harp" for harp and sampled harp
Hans-André Stamm Website Quartertone/48-tone JI acoustic organ!
John Starrett Citified Notions John Starrett (vocals, bass)
Neil Haverstick (guitar)
Ernie Crews (drums)
19-EDO. Rockabilly/Pop-rock, comment from John about the song on the YouTube page John Starrett played bass with Neil Haverstick. Neil also plays the 19-EDO guitar on some of John's recordings.
Stimmhorn Website Christian Zehnder
Balthasar Streiff
Experimental alphorn and yodeling combined with overtone singing
Hans Straub Website Pieces with meters that match the tunings
Redrick Sultan Bandcamp The Prince Spencer Hargreaves (vocals, guitars)
Noah Jordan (vocals, bass, keys, flute, oud)
Sean Mitchell (drums, sampling)
Spooky, cool, acoustic, electric Vancouver, British Columbia 2010- 22edo, acoustic, magic rock, chill
Mick Sussman Website Plunderphonic collages in various tunings and multitempi
William Susman Website Works in quarter-tone - scores and audio files
Ron Sword Website 16-EDO and 31-EDO on 8 and 9 string guitar Etudes, Microtonal Extreme Metal Ron was also affiliated with the Microtonal Records label and the metatonal music site, as well as the microtonal guitarist forum.
Syzygys Website
Lotus Rain Hitomi Shimizu (43-tone organ, vocals)
Hiromi Nishida (violin, vocals)
Clips of Japanese duo in 43-tone Partch JI, with Chromelodeon Japan ?


Tall Kite Website
SoundCloud (TallKite)
SoundCloud (MbiraKite)
I Hear Numbers
Evening Rondo
Downminor Nocturne
Kite Giedraitis 7-limit JI, 41edo. Portland, Oregon (USA) 1990's- See also
Cam Taylor Internet Archive
SoundCloud (1)
SoundCloud (2)
those early dreams
Bosanquet Axis49, Lumatone, 12- and 17-tone keyboard improvisations in 17, 19, 22, 26, 31, 37, 39, 41, 43, 46, 50, 53, 56, 63, 94, 112 EDOs, some JI and near-just tunings, and songs with piano or guitar in 31EDO and JI, various. Auckland, New Zealand 2010-
Jack Tickner Facebook
Reassuring Weight Just intonation Sydney, Australia 2017-
Peter Thoegersen SoundCloud
Two Worlds
I Am a Force of Nature
Composer. Absurdist symphonic, chamber. Fun. Difficult music, in a good way. If you like Zappa's stranger works, you will like this. New York (?)
Tony Dubshot Website Macrotonal dub and dancehall in 05-EDO, 07-EDO and 08-EDO
Tristan Bay Website
Electronic music, synthwave, equal temperament, instrumental Portland, Oregon (USA) 2021- Xen Wiki editor, active on the XA Discord channel, and a regular on the Xendergarten podcast
Tritone MSU Electronic JI
Tui St. George Tucker Website Quartertone scores
Stephen James Taylor Website Microtonal film scores, multiple Wilson scales
Jeroen Paul Thesseling Website Microtonal music for bass guitar: "HAFNIUM" (72-EDO), "ARGON" (18-EDO), "DISCREPANTIUM" (24-EDO)


uSSSy Facebook

Acoustic performance on YouTube



Artem Galkin
Pavel Eremeev
24edo and similar tunings. Styles ranging from "black metal techno blues" to "indo-iranian meditative feedback rock" Moscow, Russia 2009-


Chris Vaisvil Website Many tunings (just intonation, various EDOs + tuning survey) microtonal synthesizers controlled by midi guitar (Roland GR-20), Linnstrument, 17 edo keyboard (DIY) + soft synthesizers and "traditional" scored microtonal music. Prolific explorer of a wide range of scales. Neat DIY techniques used and demonstrated "at the edge between acoustic and electric".
Nicola Vicentino Wikipedia Musica Prisca Caput (Madrigal for 24-tone two voice harpsichord in Meantone)
Same piece played on an arciorgano
Madonna il poco dolce
Early microtonal composer in 16th century Born 1511. Died in either 1575 or 1576.
Nicola Visalli (broken) Electronically rendered microtonal contemporary classical
Voltage Controlled Clips of electronic tuning-savvy experiments
Alfredo Votta Soundcloud account featuring "Liber Stellarum", a collection of seven pieces for
13-EDO piano. Has also composed in 18-EDO.


Robert Walker Website 1
Website 2
Classical, world, fractal Indianapolis, IN
Stephen Weigel SoundCloud Xenharmonic pop, computer music, totalism
Danny Wier Symphonic, progressive rock/metal, jazz, etc., mostly in 72-EDO (all synth-generated)
Randy Winchester Five Hemispheres
Comets Over Flatland
Various EDOs and Bohlen-Pierce, electronic music and 8-bit synthesizers
Erling Wold Website Classical; search page for just intonation
Daniel Wolf Xenharmonic neo-baroque string trio
Brian Wong Website Examples of computer-generated music
James Wyness Microtonal acousmatic works




Zadarpadov Bandcamp Electronic, avant-garde Finland
Zhea Erose Bandcamp
31edo, JI, primodality, contemporary classical, ambient, electronic, "dream&bass" 2019-
ZIA Website
Reverb Nation


Martians Elaine Walker and collaborators Electronic, space, dance, 10edo, 19edo, Bohlen-Pierce, 17edo, 16edo Las Cruces, NM / Tempe, AZ 1992- Elaine has also composed for the television industry. Zia is great introductory/accessible xen music.
Matthias Ziegler Unconventional flute playing
Bostjan Zupancic: MicroMetal Google Page
Brain for Breakfast
Beezer's Cellar
Bostjan Zupancic - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Synthesizer 19-EDO Modern Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, and occasionally 24-EDO. St. Johnsbury, Vermont 2008-


Website Description
American Mavericks concert series Microtonal RealPlayer files: Lou Harrison Suite for Violin and American Gamelan, Third Symphony; Charles Ives "Allegro" from Quartertone Piano Pieces
Ancient Greek Music Library of extant fragments using authentic tunings: Real``Player and MIDI
Boston Microtonal Society 72-EDO
Catharsis (2) Jon Catler and Jacky Ligon live; "Drone 1"
Fujara Slovak overtone flute
Groven Piano Project 36-tone JI (schismatic) pianos after Eivind Groven
Huygens-Fokker Foundation Acoustic and MIDI 31-EDO & 24-EDO
Implementing Cellular Automatas in Csound MP3 examples with spectral pictures
kingmixers (2) (3) Some MP3 samples of Greek tunings, reconstructions of Greek music fragments microtonal tag radio Stream microtonal music from radio
LucyTuning (2) (3) LucyTuned music - clips and full pieces, midi files, mp3s, video Music from multiple composers in various tunings available for direct download.
MICROTONALISMO Primera Web oficial de microtonalismo de habla hispana en latinoamerica
Music for Homemade Instruments[dead link] Clips of junkmusic orchestra
Overtone Music Network A platform for overtone music of all kinds, with a huge collection of online audio Kjell Tor Innevik's project at Norwegian Academy of Music
Eduardo Sábat Clips of jazz standards on 53-enharmonic frets per Octave guitar (Dinarra)
split-notes Microtonal Netlabel Online record label, free digital releases, microtonal music from various musicians
The Perfect Just Intonation Music MIDI Cycle Concerts Classics tuned in JI
Tuning and temperament demos MIDI and audio demonstrating historical tunings
Tuning Lab Acoustic, electronic tuning experiments
WNYC microtonal features Radio shows featuring microtonal music, esp. "New Sounds"

Oldani's Math&music Site[dead link]

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