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Andrew Heathwaite is a performer, composer, teacher and student, whose work by his own characterization centers around compassionate creative skepticism, trivialization of power differences, and transformation of (at first invisible) constraints to provoke the new. "Xenharmonics is, for me, only one tool for avoiding telling society what it already knows."

As a project of Oddmusic Urbana-Champaign, he refretted a steel-string acoustic guitar to 22edo in 2009 and a mountain dulcimer to a 20-tone JI scale in simple overtone relationships (31-prime limit, 45-odd limit) in 2010. He also plays cümbüş, a fretless Turkish lute, with a special focus on 17edo. He is interested in linear temperaments and moment-of-symmetry scales, having worked quite a bit in neutral thirds scales, porcupine, and orwell.


I no longer want to see microtonality slip under the radar into pop music without anyone noticing, just to be sold back to us by the greedy kings of copyright. That's not good enough.

I want a revolution that is aware of itself.

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