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This page is about the artist. For the scale, see Sevish (scale).
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Sean Archibald, also known as Sevish, is an electronic music composer. He founded the digital record label split-notes in 2010. He created the podcast Now&Xen in 2018, which he co-hosted for some time with Stephen Weigel. He is the main developer of Scale Workshop.


Microtonal releases

12edo releases

  • Sevish EP (2005)
  • Crowded Images (2008)
  • Exposure EP (2009)
  • day:dot EP (2013)

Microtonal collaborations

Year Song Album
2010 "Burning Pine" Crack My Pitch Up (Various artists)
2011 "Trapped in a Cycle" 2 Minute Masterpieces (Various artists)
"Waveblender" Subversio (Sevish, Jacky Ligon & Tony Dubshot)
2013 "Chattering Circuits" 2 Minute Masterpieces 2 (Various artists)
2014 "Twisted Flax" 23 (Jacky Ligon, Sevish & Tony Dubshot)
2016 "Narrative Wars" Next Xen (Various artists)
2019 "Operator (Sevish Remix)" 3 Remixes (Brendan Byrnes, acreil, ZIA & Sevish)
"archicembalo antidiagonal (Sevish Remix)"
"Greater Good (Sevish Remix)"
"Disorient" Possible Worlds Vol. 4 (Various artists)
2021 "Fuschiamarine" STAFFcirc vol. 7 - Terra Octava (Various artists)
2022 "Ancient Love" Single (Sevish & benyamind)

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