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Welcome to the Xenharmonic Wiki!

The xenharmonic wiki is an open resource for information about musical tuning. This includes information about systems of tuning, the relationships between those systems, and the theory and math behind them.

This wiki is created by volunteers. It is a work in progress, and depends on members of the community to help us develop it. Relevant new content is always welcome. You can get the hang of editing in the SandBox, then dive right in. Wiki Help provides some tips as well. Wikifuture is a wish list of sorts.

Remember that this wiki is a work in progress! There are many new pages that need to be created, and old ones that need to be finished or updated. If you see a way to make something better, please feel free to sign up and help contribute!

For a lengthier introduction, see Introduction.


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If you are new to musical tuning

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Practical xenharmonics

But what about rhythm?

If you're interested in the study and practice of world rhythms, irrational time signatures, and harmonic polyrhythms, visit the [Xenrhythm wiki]

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