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Brendan Byrnes is a composer, mix engineer, and sound designer based in Los Angeles, CA. He is also the singer and guitarist of the rock band ILEVENS.


Microtonal releases

12edo releases

  • Wired (2007)
  • for Choreography (2010)
  • Novopangaea (single, 2010)

Microtonal collaborations

Year Song Album
2015 "Drowns (live in studio)" Live In Studio (ILEVENS)
"Zodexer (live in studio)"
2016 "Electric Seven" Next Xen (Various artists)
2017 "Solavai" Transmitter (ILEVENS)
2019 "Operator (Sevish Remix)" 3 Remixes (Brendan Byrnes, acreil, ZIA & Sevish)

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