Formless Shadows

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This page is about the album. For the track, see Formless Shadows (track).

Formless Shadows is the ninth microtonal album and twelfth microtonal release by Sevish, released in 2021 on Bandcamp.

Track listing

No. Title Tuning Length
1 Hexdeep 1-3-7-9 hexany 8:10
2 Garden of Light 5edo 4:13
3 Formless Shadows Just intonation 3:10
4 Thundersnow Glacial[7] (POTE tuning) 7:11
5 Big Numb 22edo 4:54
6 Never Coming Home 313edo 5:02
7 Star Nursery Golden ratio-based tuning 5:25
8 An Afternoon's Promise Just intonation 2:32
9 I Won't Forget Just intonation 5:13

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