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This page is about the composer. For the temperament, see 87th-octave temperaments#Francium.

Hello, I'm Francium. I'm a self-taught composer who likes to explore xenharmonic music. My Discord name is francium9739.

I like primes and thus I mainly experiment with prime EDOs. Rank-2 temperaments formed by the join of two prime EDOs also catch my interest, which I list in the page User:Francium/Miscellaneous rank-2 temperaments. Non-octave EDx systems are also fine for me, but I experiment with them way too rarely.

Also I like to play with numbers which are symbolic for me.

I sometimes cover songs in just intonation. The scales I created are listed in User:Francium/JI scales for covers.

Since August 2023 I make a (yet experimental) series called "Xen Music Theory" in which I explain the music theory of some tuning systems.


  • Gross Temperament EP (2023)
  • Tibrepyt Temperament EP (2023)
  • Helayo EP (2023)
  • Edson EP (2023)
  • HemischisMatic EP (2023)
  • Melancholie (2023)

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