Tuning of the Month Club

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This page is about the project organized on Discord. For the project organized on Facebook, see Monthly Tunings.

The Tuning of the Month Club is a collaborative project by members of the Xenharmonic Alliance Discord server. The point of the group is to get xenharmonists to work on the same tuning, and share ideas, discoveries and music in that tuning. Each month, we all vote on the tuning we want to use.

This page is meant to be an archive of the content produced by that group. Feel free to add your own work to the list.

March 2023: 9edo

April 2023: Porcupine

May 2023: 5L 4s Semiquartal

June 2023: 3L 4s Mosh

July 2023: Zil

August 2023: 14edo

September 2023: Bicycle

October 2023: 34edo

November 2023: 13edo

December 2023: 29edo

January 2024: Mavila

February 2024: 22edo

March 2024: Decatonic MOSes

April 2024: Tetracot

May 2024: 26edo

June 2024: 17edo

July 2024: 11edo