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This page is about the project organized on Facebook. For the project organized on Discord, see Tuning of the Month Club.

The Xenharmonic Alliance Monthly Tunings group is a semi-private spin-off of the main Xenharmonic Alliance group. The point of the group is to get xenharmonicists to work on the same tuning, and share ideas, discoveries and music in that tuning. Each month, we all vote on the tuning we want to use.

This page is meant to be an archive of the content produced by that group. Feel free to add your own work to the list.

February and March 2016: Pajara

Claudi Meneghin’s Little Prelude & Fugue in Pajara

April 2016: Sensi

Sensi Tocada by Claudi Meneghin

May 2017: 19edo

June 2016: 37edo

Little Twyelyghte Musicke (37edo) for 2 Cornetts, 2 Sagbutts & Timpani by Claudi Meneghin

Canon in F, 37edo by Claudi Meneghin

I do not know if she is saying the truth by Igor Livramento

July 2016: Superpyth

Highlights - Triadic Superpyth Study by William Lynch

Super Chill by William Lynch

August 2016: 17-tone equal and well-temperaments

Demanding Two Faces by Stephen Weigel (Soundcloud)

Where were you During the Apocalypse? by Stephen Weigel

September and October 2016: Porcupine

Little Fugue in Porcupine by Claudi Meneghin

November 2016: 21edo

"Bueno Pa Gozar" (by Kite Giedraitis, salsa-esque piece loosely based on Oye Coma Va)

Iridescent Wenge Fugue by Stephen Weigel, accepted into SEAMUS 2018 and EABD 2018

21edo Chacony, for harpsichord by Claudi Meneghin

December 2016: Fibonacci tuning (look on page 22 the doc / 24 of the PDF)

  • The Fibonacci sequence is a series of integers that successively add to create the next one in the series, beginning with 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc... and thus a Fibonacci horogram shows this sequence in its rings / moments-of-symmetry. The generator for the Fibonacci horogram is 458.359213... cents.

January 2017: Bohlen-Pierce

A Mean Little Voice by Stephen Weigel

February 2017: 19edo

March 2017: 26edo

Canon 3-in-1 on a ground ‘The tempest’ by Claudi Meneghin

April 2017: Semaphore

May 2017: 11edo

Halve Knot (demo) by Mercury Tree

June 2017: Mavila

Gamelan, Genesis, and Birth by Stephen Weigel, played by the Beo String Quartet

Hunger Wanders in an Empty Room by Stephen Weigel

Kôsma jumiś lul by Herman Miller

Mavila Fugue by Claudi Meneghin

July 2017: Marvel Woo

Marvelous River by William Lynch

A Short Composition in Marvel Woo by Chris Vaisvil (website)

Cave of Marvels by Herman Miller

Hallelujah in Marvel Woo (cover)

August 2017: 20edo

Underwater Spontaniety (lo-fi ambient) by Stephen Weigel

God's Favorite Tuning (xen-pop) by Stephen Weigel

You Lied, and I'm not Mentioning your Name (xen-pop) by Stephen Weigel

20edo Ambient Guitar with Video by Chris Vaisvil

Spinning the Web by Herman Miller

Chacony & Fugue in 20edo by Claudi Meneghin

September 2017: 72edo

Modes for Strings #7 by Prent Rodgers

October and November 2017: 46edo

Curiosity Finds a Frown by Stephen Weigel (this is in 23edo - 23 is half of 46, so it counts!)

December 2017: 15edo

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (online Christmas card) by Stephen Weigel

January 2018: 18edo

The Moon by Noah Jordan (Facebook), this was done with acoustic piano

De-Void of Re-Incarnation by Stephen Weigel (fixed media)

Revealing the Path by Herman Miller

February 2018: 10edo

Love is the Catalyst (cover)

Padanian Canon in 10edo by Claudi Meneghin

Hymns of the Cosmos

English Theorbo, in wandelwonderland, Fantasy for Piano by Chris Vaisvil

Diablo by Kewti

Ten-Armed Hunter by Herman Miller

March 2018: Monarda

  • Monarda is a 12-note subset of "Tannic" temperament, discovered by Scott Dakota, that is rank-three and observes the 17-limit. 17-limit JI is 7-dimensional, and the commas tempered out are: 273/272, 561/560, 441/440, and 225/224. 7 dimensions - 4 commas = the 3 dimensional tuning. To find temperaments, it's recommended to use the Regular Temperament Finder, instead of the wiki. Check out the FB Monthly Tunings page for specifics.

Cam Taylor's Monarda Impressions

Tannic Acid (comparison) by Chris Vaisvil

Nowhere in Super Particular by Stephen Weigel

ilu by Noah Jordan

April 2018: Polaris

  • Polaris refers to a 17-note constant structure in 13-limit JI. It can either function as an untempered JI version, or a tempered version, where 352/351 and 364/363 are most often tempered out (144/143 can be tempered out as well).

polaris falls by Chris Vaisvil

May 2018: 31edo

Contrapunctus 11 tuned to 31edo by Claudi Meneghin (original composer J. S. Bach)