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Here will be a page listing microtonal/xenharmonic compositions by the month they were composed/released. Please do not link directly to recordings but to pages. If no page exists, consider making one on this wiki.

June 2014

Cameron Bobro - Jackhammer Lily

Cameron Bobro - Once In A Moon

Chris Bradshow - Tombs of Osirion

Brendan Byrnes - Volas

Santiago Cosentino - Baile de los sueños

Daryll Dobson - Babylon (1986 re-release)

Earthstepper - Box of Hands

Earthstepper - Lantern of Ravens

Earthstepper - Minor Leaf

Earthstepper - "Sniffle Myth", and "I Cut Turnips"

Feeding Goats - New Myth

Feeding Goats - Exalt

FFF Fiale - Ti piace swippare facile

Sean Hayward - Almagest for 2 retuned harps

Peter 'Rush' Kosmorsky - for imaginary, in a sense, guitar and a wind

Löis Lancaster - Gargalhada das árvores carregadas

Rafael Lazo - Microtonal Rock Guitar Improv #1

Michael Levy - 21st Century Lyre Music

MARABUcaribe's Craddle - Angels blue

Chase Mcallister - Marble Stone Passage

Gary Mcandrew - Intangible Nature

Claudi Meneghin - canon on a ground, 2-11-13 subgroup

Claudi Meneghin - canon 2-in-1 on a ground, septimal version

Claudi Meneghin - The Padanian Fugue

Quincas Moreira - Release the Drones

Quincas Moreira - The Ribbon Stick Song #1

Shaahin Mohajeri - Bassotom (premiered April 2014)

Shaahin Mohajeri - Tombak improvisation on Tribute to Van Halen

John Lank Moriarty - It's Not Easy (premiered August 2013)

Joshua Musikantow - Extinction (mix one)

Ákos Nagy - Palindrome Drone

Ákos Nagy - Wailing of Pendulum

Bill Newbold - Guitar is being of nowness

Juhani Nuorvala - Fanfare and Toccata (performed March 29)

Juhani Nuorvala - Septimalia (stream expired)

Pelikaan - vibes

Dave Seidel - Brane Dervish Surgery

Dave Seidel - Pesektet

Carlo Serafini - Talking Gamma In Your Sleep

Carlo Serafini - Tenori Blofeld

Billy Stiltner - belphegor43-2chaos.eldetu

Billy Stiltner - belphegor43-2chaos.eldetu3

Billy Stiltner - wilsongoldenhorogram22

Billy Stiltner - wilsongoldenhoragrams-re2

Timo Tuhkanen - 19edo Kantele Guitar Duet

Timo Tuhkanen - little fantasy on the agreement of their

Timo Tuhkanen - Kantele improvisation in 15edo(ish)

Timo Tuhkanen - Kantele improvisation in 33.5edo

Timo Tuhkanen - PURPLE&GOLD EP

Chris Vaisvil - A quiet reading of psalm 63

Chris Vaisvil - Chicago River Blues

Chris Vaisvil - DC Hotel Window

Chris Vaisvil - For the Unknown Children of Tuam, Galway

Chris Vaisvil - I Stand in 19edo

Chris Vaisvil - Just Another Monday

Chris Vaisvil - No Quarter Transtuned to Various Tunings

Chris Vaisvil - Room to Give (19 edo)

Chris Vaisvil - Thankfulness

Chris Vaisvil - The Antisolar Point

Chris Vaisvil - The Coming Storm

Chris Vaisvil - The Poltergeist Women of Clark Square Park

Chris Vaisvil - The Regretful Rat of Mohajira

Chris Vaisvil - The Solar Furnace

Chris Vaisvil - Untitled for thejar5 in Subharmonic Tuning

May 2014

Sean Hayward - Nowhere Found (album)

Dave Seidel - For LMY and MZ

Billy Stiltner - belphegor22

Billy Stiltner - helmholtzmudspeech

Jude Thomas - Four Etudes for String Quartet in Just Intonation