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Dennis Báthory-Kitsz (born March 14, 1949, Plainfield, New Jersey) is a Hungarian-American author and composer. He has composed more than 700 works, including sound sculpture, solo and chamber music for the instruments of classical music, electronic music, stage shows, orchestral pieces, dance music, opera, interactive multimedia, sound installations, and performance art events. He has also designed and built new musical instruments. He is also known for co-founding and co-hosting Kalvos & Damian New Music Bazaar with the composer David Gunn.

Microtonal instruments

Some of the instruments Báthory-Kitsz created are microtonal. For example, in his chamber opera Plasm Over Ocean, the instruments include "Glass Chimes" which are "pitched equally in a macrotonal scale", "Brass Chimes" with "sixteen equal pitches 1 1/4 steps apart", and the "Hharp", whose "strings are tuned geometrically, increasing in pitch distance as they move into the treble range".[1]

Báthory-Kitsz tends to leave scarce information about the tuning of his instruments, but further research could lead to a longer list of his microtonal instruments.


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