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Deja Igliashon[1], formerly known as Igliashon Jones[2], is a guitarist and composer living in Portland, Oregon. Born in 1982 in San Mateo, California, they have been studying microtonality since 2003. They have released numerous albums of microtonal music in a wide variety of tunings, under several aliases, mostly equal divisions of the octave. They have been an active (if controversial) participant in the online xenharmonic community for many years, dating back to the Alternate Tunings Yahoo group (aka "the Tuning List"). They currently play guitar in the 17edo progressive rock band The Mercury Tree.

Approach to xenharmonics

While Igliashon favors equal divisions of the octave, they are an enthusiast of all forms of microtonal theory, including regular temperament theory and just intonation. They subscribe to the belief that there is no single best tuning or approach to tuning, and encourages collaboration between those with diverse views and backgrounds. Igliashon is primarily a guitar player who dabbles in composition for electronic media. They currently own guitars in 13edo, 14edo, 15edo, 17edo, 21edo, and 23edo. They have owned guitars in 16edo, 18edo, 19edo, 20edo, 22edo, and 31edo in the past, and has recorded and released music using each and every one.

As a theorist, Igliashon's main area of interest has been on JI subgroups of the 17-limit, and temperaments thereof, as applied to equal divisions of the octave below 24edo. Their research has focused especially on EDOs normally considered to be too dissonant to be useful for harmonic music, such as 8edo, 10edo, 13edo, and 23edo. By applying the principles of regularly-tempered subgroup harmony, Igliashon has found consonant triads, tetrads, and pentads in all of the EDOs below 24, and has contributed much to the wiki articles on those tunings.


Active aliases:

  • Cryptic Ruse - mostly xenharmonic progressive instrumental metal and drone metal
  • City of the Asleep - mostly xenharmonic instrumental post rock, surf rock, electronica, glitch, and experimental progressive rock
  • Pixel Archipelago - xenharmonic ambient music
  • Perplextus Joans - non-microtonal post-punk and post-industrial music, with vocals

Microtonal discography

As Cryptic Ruse:

As City of the Asleep:

As Pixel Archipelago:

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