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This page also contains archived Wikispaces discussion.

Killing Dead Links With Fire

I've been going through and replacing broken long long long-dead links with working links.

Also, moving working links from link on artist name in first column, to link column (second column), per Tyler, to give more context to links.

Did A-L. Will do more later. (Please do not remove the unlinked "Website" in many of the LINK column cells. It's a work in progress)

Moving dead links to this page (talk page), below.

SyntheticThought (talk) 09:12, 3 October 2018 (UTC)

Merging Redundant Pages

Per Jacob Barton, Tyler Henthorn, Mike Battaglia (Bugs) and myself, OKed by Kite, we merged Bands page and Artists Page onto this page, the Talk:MicrotonalListeningList page. Also removed link to Bands page and Artists Page on left sidebar.

Also made LISTEN! link all caps, added exclamation point, and put at top of "Practice" section on left sidebar.

There is also talk of making a streaming free radio station of xen bands. SyntheticThought (talk) 03:33, 4 October 2018 (UTC)

UPDATE: This is now completed. On to fixing the broken links for me... SyntheticThought (talk) 03:34, 5 October 2018 (UTC)

Should We Keep People on the List if they have no listen links?

Below, in the next section, I have people removed pending seeing if anyone can come up with a listen link.

But what about people who say they have no listen links?

I've emailed a bunch of artists asking for current bio and link info. David Cubberly wrote back:

I haven't had music info on my website for a while now. Back when I had more of a web presence it wasn't as easy to have music available for preview or purchase. For now, I do have some of my records listed on Discogs here:

I replied: Thank you. I updated your listing here: I'd recommend you add a song or two somewhere people can listen free. SoundCloud, BandCamp, or YouTube. For the good of microtonal music (send me a link if you do), and because we may end up purging people from the Listen page if they don't have a way to listen without buying a record. You can put stuff on YouTube with just a still image as the video. And you can upload WAVS or MP3s to SoundCloud free.

So my question is, do we remove people like that? It is the LISTEN page.

I understand leaving them if there is no recorded music if they're important historically to microtonal music. But in this day and age, for a living artist, it's not hard to put an MP3 online. I do it about every other day.

Artists Removed Until Better Links Provided

If anyone can provide listen links for these below, will return to list.

Mary Beth Ackerly music tuned for healing - I'm not positive this even is microtonal music. Can anyone confirm? Also, it's the first thing on the list, alphabetically, so need to confirm. I think she may have done some xen but this might not be it. Is confusing for first link on LISTEN! page. and

Jyrki Alakuijala electronic dance music in 8.19-EDO broken link. All I can find of him is software unrelated to music. Anyone have a music listen link? Was top on list after removing Mary Beth Ackerly With him moved here, top of list is Bill Alves, which is a good thing.

Alex Carpenter Dead link. Search for his name in quotes plus microtonal on Google yields only the Listen page. lol.

Janis Dambergs. Nothing online. No music connected to any people with this name.

Greg Fox indeterminate computer music in 11-EDO, 13-EDO and 19-EDO

Paul Greenhaw Just-tuned electric organs -- most pieces accompany video works.

Magnus Jonsson acoustic and electronic JI and meantone improvisations and compositions

Rick McGowan

Section for link dump of dead links, to not be wiping history

This is many, but not all, of them. (I fixed some before making this list.) These are long-dead links. Have been replaced with working listen links, when available, this is what was removed:

Andrew Heathwaite. See his introduction

[ Marcus Alessi Bittencourt

Atar Arad

| | Mary Beth Ackerly

| | David Beardsley

| | Easley Blackwood

| | Donald Bousted

| | Chris Bryan

Catler Bros. found working links for them.

Nick Collins ~nc272 compositions.html found working links for him.

Mildred Couper found working links for her.

Phil Dadson found working links.

Chuckk Hubbard

Mark Deutsch

Matthias Ziegler

Janis Dambergs

Divide by Pi

Paul Dolden

David B. Doty

Jacques Dudon

Richard Dunlap site exists, but throws up many errors, can't read it.

John Farah:

Harold Fortuin

Greg Fox: This is not only not microtonal, it's not music, and has nothing to do with music. Might not even be the same Greg Fox.

Glenn R. Frantz

Mark Gould http://%20%09http// mal-formed link, though even this is now 404: http://http// Patrick Grant Not Authorized to View This Page [CFN #0004] Paul Greenhaw Peter Guidi

Georg Hajdu

Neil Haverstick

Christiaan de Jong

Magnus Jonsson

Churzkia Jrakavla

Buzz Kimball

Amit Lissack

Alvin Lucier

Johnny Reinhard dead link (forgot to copy before changing)

Joe Maneri

John McLaird

Pete McRae

Horizontal table of contents

I created a horizontal table of contents template which is based on Wikipedia's TOC templates. It currently supports three rows, up to 26 items per row. See the documentation for usage info. Tyler Henthorn (talk) 08:27, 12 October 2018 (UTC)

Listen list vs. artist list

If there is a desire to keep a record of artists here who do not have working audio sample links, perhaps there could be an archived version of this page kept as a separate artist list. It may seem redundant, but I can't be the only person who was frustrated going through this the first time (at the time, I believe it still was an artist list), and having it take ten minutes of clicking old dusty links before finding new music. I landed here more than fifteen years after discovering microtonal music, so I would guess that I had more patience than someone stumbling on this website for their very first introduction to xen music.

Another thought, which I haven't yet solidified, is that I would love to see this list sortable by genre, but: 1. Genre is difficult to define, sometimes, and more than sometimes when it comes to xen music. 2. To be sortable, genre would have to be limited to a handful of "buckets," like: rock, new age, classical. 3. It might be nice to keep the information already here readily available, since it's more specific 4. It ultimately might not be a good idea.

Most of all, kudos to whomever came up with the idea for this page. I love talking about tuning and reading all of the information about fine details like what the ratio is for a "password comma," but at the end of the day, the most important thing is what the music sounds like, and a few seconds of audio will provide far more information than a hundred pages of words and diagrams. Ultimately, it would be ideal, in my opinion, to lower the barrier as much as possible for people to listen to some xen music, and then allow links to click on for further information. This page is a huge leap in that direction!


More dead links

Not comprehensive. A couple of sites are blocked by my firewall. Also, this takes a long time, so it's only a small chunk. I will refrain from removing any dead links that don't have replacements for now. Please comment or change them if you have a non-broken link.

Ron Nagorcka: URL not available the site works, though. (I'll change it to that)

Mats Öljare: Angelfire link is long gone

Tom Price: no link?

Carlos Sampaio: (two of the same link?) parked domain

Scott Sandvik: URL not available

Edward Schocker: page was deleted. Website seems to work okay. (I'll change it)

X. J. Scott: geocities long gone; the other link given still works, but the geocities site seems to be archived at (I'll change it)

George Secor: host seems to no longer work

Ezra Sims: URL not available

Jon Lyle Smith: parked domain. He seems to have a soundclick account: (I'll change it)

Spectral Voices: should be ... also, is this "Spectral Voices" or is it "Jim Cole and Spectral Voices?" The information on the site seems to point to the latter. Maybe the artist changed the project's name, but there doesn't seem to be any record of the former name on the site. (I'll change to the new link)

Soundwell (Anders Erkéus): link seems to be to a product no longer listed at that site, likely a musical instrument, rather than a sound sample. This person does have a soundcloud account, though: (I'm going to change that)

Manfred Stahnke: URL unavailable His newer site is , but there are no sound clips there

Hans-Andre Stamm: URL not available. Found some working links, but can't find working sound files on those sites.

Compolation Albums

The compilation album at the top of the list... Maybe that belongs in a new table of compilations.

Reasoning: 1. Compilations are one way for a new listener to access several audio samples from different artists quickly, so it'd be nice to have those listed at the top. 2. There are at least four compilations I'm aware of: Microtonal Freedom (a Compilation Benefit Album For Lyn Ulbricht) (2019), Next Xen (2016), Crack My Pitch Up (2010), and A Microtonal Music Experience (1998). 3. If added to the artist list, those might make things a bit messy. Maybe not. I guess it depends on how many end up being added.

But, that might also open the door up to a few other things that could mess things up a little: 1. What about compilations containing xen and non-xen music? I think that having non-xen compilations would defeat the purpose of having such a list, which is to allow newcomers to access a bunch of xen music quickly. 2. How many different artists constitutes a "compilation album?" If I recorded three of my own songs and had another artist record three songs, and then threw them all together, is that a compilation?

EDIT (24 April 2019) - I guess those questions aren't going to be answered anytime soon. I'd like to go ahead and migrate compilations over to another table. I won't be offended if anyone reverses those changes.


Why is this page categorized as a template?

This page is showing up incorrectly under Category:Templates for some reason (look under "L" for Listen). The page source doesn't include a categorization tag indicating it's a template, so something indirect must be putting it there. Perhaps someone more familiar with how this wiki has been set up will know what's doing this and fix it, please. Mousemambo (talk) 15:46, 7 August 2023 (UTC)

Some templates' configuration of category inclusion was wrong. Fixed now. FloraC (talk) 15:59, 7 August 2023 (UTC)