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Eric, aka mouse, has been an amateur musician for many years. Trained in the Western classical music tradition, he plays flute and frame drums, and also creates music in DAWs. After being a life-long listener to classical Indian music, he's also been studying Hindustani raga with an experienced teacher. Drawing together his enjoyment of xenharmonic tunings with the just intonation of classical Indian music, he's been deepening his knowledge and understanding through study and music creation. His focus here at the Xenharmonic Wiki is on beginner guides for practical tuning issues, basic foundational articles helpful to people just getting into the musical worlds outside 12-EDO tunings, and support for musicians playing classical Indian music who want to use microtonal electronic instruments.

You can contact mouse on his talk page at this Xen wiki or through the Xenharmonic Alliance's Discord server #wiki channel.

He has a Workbench at this Xen wiki for ideas and projects.