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Neil Haverstick is a guitarist, author, teacher and composer. The Denver Post has called him "one of the most sought after (guitar) session players in town." He has performed a wide range of gigs, from appearing with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra to opening shows for B.B. King, Steve Miller and King Sunny Ade. As a freelance guitarist Neil has played blues, jazz, classical, country, flamenco, and folk, as well as shows (Man of La Mancha, Grease, Oklahoma, and more) and many private functions. He has also appeared on numerous CD projects by Denver artists, including Clay Kirkland and Mary Stribling. In his CD Acoustic Stick, Neil experiments with new tuning systems of 19 and 34 notes per octave rather than the traditional 12 notes. He explains that "the extra notes, along with the increased capacity for new scales and chords, allow me to create fresh sounding pieces that take standard forms, such as jazz, to unexpected places."

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