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Fabrizio Fulvio Fausto Fiale (born March 29, 1973, in Rome) is an Italian composer who blends seemingly opposed musical genres, from psychedelic rock to symphonic postwagnerian, from polyphony to thrash metal and grindcore. Among the finalists of the first national competition of piano composition "Rosolino Toscano" in 1998 in Pescara, with "River Idyll", he has self-produced more than 200 records since 1990. A classical pianist, he graduated from the Conservatory of Pescara in 1998 and has performed in numerous concerts in Italy and abroad, playing among others pieces by Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Calligaris, Schoenberg and Webern, as well as songs of his own composition. But was also a drummer in local cover bands, until 1992 when he joined the 'Spectroscopy' death-grind group from Artena, then gone on to perform in numerous groups covering a wide variety of genres, among which the polyphony of the renaissance, as a singer in the choir "Città Del Palestrina", since 1996.

After a brief but intense experimentation with Semantic, a microtonal synthesizer designed by Alain Danielou, he has since 2004 enthusiastically explored the world of microtonal music, composing mainly in 15edo, 16edo, 19edo, 21edo, 24edo and 31edo as well as 88cET, Bohlen-Pierce and 10th root of Phi.

Founder of the microtonal psychedelic metal group "Asteroidi Esadecafonici".

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