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Bostjan Zupancic is a physicist and (primarily) 19-EDO guitarist/bassist. He has released 5 independent microtonal solo albums and participated in two microtonal bands.

Prior to playing microtonal music, Zupancic performed lead guitar in the Nümetal band Unhinged, lead guitar and lead vocals for the non-micro Detroit-based power metal band Khereb, performed bass in the Vermont band RaiZed on Radio, and performed lead guitar and vocals in the international band Hälberwolf (as Russ Hayes), and composed music for indy films, such as "13 Seconds," and indy video games, such as "Pete the Penguin."

Zupancic first publicly performed microtonal music in the funk/rock/electronic three-piece fusion band "Ox," based in the metropolitan Detroit area from 2003-2005.

In 2010, Zupancic published a comprehensive list of scales for 12-EDO and 19-EDO.


Monsters (2001 - non-micro) Emotions (2002 - non-micro) Quiet Please (2015 - mixture of 12-EDO, 19-EDO, and 24-EDO) Vol I (2016 - 19-EDO) Happy Halloween (2016 - 19-EDO) Vol II (2017 - 19-EDO) Nothing Special (2017 - 19-EDO) Life Cycle (with Naegleria Fowleri, 2018 - 19-EDO)

Quiet Please (2015) featured both standard and microtonal songs heavily inspired by the Old Time Radio program "Quiet, Please" (written by Wyllis Cooper). The album was released only on home-made CD-R and received very little public attention, until it started to receive weekly airplay on college radio. The musical style of the release ranged from Funk-rock (Thirteen and Eight, 19-EDO) to Heavy Metal (Beezer's Cellar, 24-EDO) to Electronica (The Pathetic Fallacy, 12-EDO).

Vol I (2016) was performed entirely in 19-EDO tuning. The album, mostly modern metal in style, was independently released on CD and digital media to mixed reviews, but received limited syndicated airplay.

Happy Halloween (2016) was also performed entirely in 19-EDO. The release featured instrumental tracks with some sound effects and spoken word. It was released digitally, but promotional physical copies were also distributed at concerts between October and November of 2016. The track "Brain for Breakfast" was the first instance of 19-tone serialism used in a song.

Vol II (2017) was the direct follow-up to Vol I, and was met with mostly negative reviews.

Nothing Special (2017) was released on CD to mixed reviews. The release featured one particular track that was ad libbed by Luna, a 4 year old Mealy Amazon parrot, on vocals. With positive reviews lauding the creativity of the music and the relatability of the lyrics, and negative reviews focusing on the long playtime of some of the tracks and lack of unified musical direction.

Life Cycle (2018) was released by Naegleria Fowleri, both digitally and on promotional CD, to very polarized reviews. Featuring an avante-garde death metal musical style, artificial intelligence drums, and a squawking parrot lead vocalist, the musical concept was coherent but also oddly specific. With Luna on lead vocals, and two other species of parrots (African Gray and Green Cheek Conutre) featured as guest vocalists, the band has claimed to be the world's first multi-species microtonal band.