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Hello there! This page is a place for various projects and minute things to do on this wiki. Please be welcome to help with any of them you like!

If you think something essential was forgotten and should be here, don’t be shy to add a new section here! If you don’t know if a project would be interesting to others, write at the talk page and let’s decide it together.

When the technical help is needed, please aid volunteers with a tool or two for being sure the details are easy to make right. For example, a template, a converter etc..

See also Conventions, Wikifuture, Migration FAQ as well as Category:Todo and its subcategories.

Details to fill out in articles

  • Interval pages like 3/2
    • <Please write what may still be desired>
  • <Other kinds of pages>

Archiving outdated discussions

Discussion pages tend to become confusing over time. The sections at the beginning are often long since finished. This tendency is easy to observe, but hardly anyone knows how to archive outdated articles.

We probably need some templates to support archiving. Moving old sections to subpage(s) is not as hard, but a bit of automatic decoration/guidance/navigation would help people to do this.

Automated archiving would be nice, but not essential in the first place.

Infobox for EDO pages

In EDO pages (see for example 23edo, 74edo, 167edo), core information is currently still given in prose, which makes it difficult to get this information together. Adding another infobox template would help to present and manage the formal information.

At the moment, we tend to include of these core characteristics

  • step count
  • step size
  • patent val

Join our discussion: Xenharmonic Wiki talk:Things to do #Infobox for EDO pages

Categories of interval pages

There are lots of interval pages in the wiki, for example 3/2, 8/7, 25/24, 11/8... We developed an info box that brings the core features together. Still open is the question which category name would fit best for all of them. We currently observe a seemingly random mix of

At present, it appears that we will replace most of them with Category:Rational interval" in the future.

Please join our discussion in Xenharmonic Wiki talk:Things to do #Relations of various interval categories! Thanks 🙂

Proposal: Shorten editing titles

When using tabbed browsing, long identical prefixes (like Editing ) in titles make it hard to differentiate tabs of wiki pages currently being edited.

system message predefined text suggested text
MediaWiki:Editingcomment Editing $1 (new section) ✎ $1 (new section)
MediaWiki:Editing Editing $1 ✎ $1
MediaWiki:Editingsection Editing $1 (section) ✎ $1 (section)

What do you think about the proposed change?

Join the discussion at Xenharmonic Wiki talk:Things to do #Shorten editing titles

Get rid of "alternative pages"

There are some pages that were mostly started out of frustration of on particular user not any more active in this wiki. The problem with diverging pages about the same topic is that linking to it tends to break or at least dissipate the consistency of the entire wiki. As normally would be the case with pages targeting the same topic but created by chance, the content should be merged into the (mostly obvious) main page. If there is noting valuable on it, the pages should be deleted. The pages are currently in the Category:Alternative pages. For discussing deletion etc, we should refrain from doing that on the respective discussion pages, because deletion will remove these as well. We'd better open an own page for discussion deletion.

Place to discuss deletion requests

Sometimes it's not easy to decide if a page should be deleted or not, it has to be discussed first. The problem with discussing deletion requests on the discussion page of the page being questioned is that they both have the same future. If the deletion happens, normal users have no access to the reasoning any more. Most wikis use an extra page for this purpose.

The so-called project namespace (in this wiki it's indicated by the prefix Xenharmonic Wiki:) is dedicated to that purpose, see pages currently in the project namespace.