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Hi there, my nickname is Xenwolf (in adaption of an idea of Xenjacob).

I regularly look on the recent changes of the wiki and am sometimes confused by some single editor campaigns.

I'm currently trying to improve linking and tags, especially check for orphaned pages (pages with no other internal page linking to). Sometimes I'm replacing "here" or "click" links by meaningful titles (typically the title of the target page) to make the link easy to repair if the linked page moves (Google helps a lot with titles). I'm trying to mark things that are to do, ask some questions, sometimes answer questions, help with wiki syntax when I'm able to do so (I also like to expand help pages for that purpose). Currently I'm not very active, but I have at least a daily look on it.

If you have any question, you may contact me on my user talk page or privately by using the Wiki mail function.

Sometimes you can find me on facebook, but I'd prefer to talk about the wiki within the wiki.

As I found out, Wikispaces tags were converted into MediaWiki categories by the transfer process. But some of the tags are not self-explanatory. Since tags are more light-weight than categories, we will probably reduce them.

todo (selected):

automatic cent calculation for interval pages using template:cents:


Boilerplate for template:interwiki:

| de = 
| en = 
| es = 
| ja = 

Boilerplate for template:Infobox Interval:

{{Infobox Interval
| Icon = 
| Ratio = 
| Monzo = 
| Cents = 
| Name = 
| Color name = 
| Sound = 

Testing subpages: