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Interval information

The template Infobox Interval was built to help presenting basic informations about Intervals in a unified form, to make them obvious by glance. Also the formatting of the wiki text itself is easier to read and improve when it is obviously structured by this template.

The templates supports the following parameters (mandatory parameters in bold):

Parameter Meaning Usage hints, Remarks
JI glyph Just intonatin glyph, if one exists complete with prefix "File:" and brackets
Ratio Frequency ratio of the interval
Monzo Parameters of the Monzo notation
Cents Size in Cent
or Name
Name(s) of the interval Maybe better optional?
Sound Soundfile is one exists only name of the file (no prefix "File:" and of course without Brackets)
Color name Color name after Kite's color notation, if one exists in the form: written form, spoken form, for color names see also Gallery of Just Intervals

Usage example for the harmonic seventh (7/4):

{{Infobox Interval
| JI glyph = [[File:glyph_7_4.png|124px]]
| Ratio = 7/4
| Monzo = -2 0 0 1
| Cents = 968.82591
| Name = Harmonic seventh
| Sound = jid_7_4_pluck_adu_dr220.mp3
| Color name = z7, zo 7th

In the above example, an icon from the JI glyphs set is used.

Empty template for copy & paste (to avoid copying wrong values from interval pages:

{{Infobox Interval
| JI glyph = 
| Ratio = 
| Monzo = 
| Cents = 
| Name = 
| Sound = 
| Color name =