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These are regular expressions I use in Notepad++, they are also usable in Perl.

Pattern to Find Replace by Purpose
\|\s*(-?\d+(?:\s+-?\d+)*)\s*> {{Monzo| \1 }} replace inline-monzos #1
<nowiki>\s*\|\s*([^<]+?)\s*</nowiki>&gt; {{Monzo| \1 }} replace inline-monzos in tables #2 (cell definitions on separate lines)
^([!|]) \| \1 remove empty style definitions for table cells
\[\[(\w[^|]+?)\|\1\]\] [[\1]] simplify internal links
<span style="font-size: ?\d\d%; vertical-align: super;">(.+)</span> <sup>\1</sup> proper superscript
<font style="vertical-align:super;font-size:0.\dem;">(.+)</font> <sup>\1</sup> proper superscript
^(=+)\s*(.+)\s*(\1) *$ \1= \2 \1= fix heading structure (subheadings start at h2; h1 dedicated to lemma)
\[\[([- \w]+)_ [[\1  iterative removal of redundant underscores
style="text-align:\w+;" \| ? remove inline CSS style of text alignment in table cells
^([!|])([^-+} ].*?)$ \1 \2 add one space after cell metachar
(<span style="">)+(.+?)(</span>)+ \2 remove nonsense spans Use with caution!
<span style="vertical-align: (\w+);">([^<]+)</span> <\1>\2</\1> simplify super- and subscript
(\d+),(\d+) \1.\2 replace decimal comma by decimal point