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The fundamental principles of the Xenharmonic Wiki may be summarized in five "pillars", derived from those of Wikipedia.

The Xenharmonic Wiki is a specialized encyclopedia

The Xenharmonic Wiki is a complementary resource to Wikipedia; in that sense, the scope of the Xenharmonic Wiki can be compared to that of wikis hosted on websites such as Fandom in that they are specialized encyclopedias, whereas Wikipedia is a general-purpose encyclopedia with stricter guidelines regarding its content and structure (see WP:5P1).

The Xenharmonic Wiki is written from a neutral point of view

Almost the same as Wikipedia: WP:5P2. The main difference is that original research is allowed on the Xenharmonic Wiki. There are a number of conventions in place to help readers distinguish between established ideas or terms and emergent ones. In addition, some pages are dedicated to editors' personal experiences, interpretations and opinions on various matters, and such pages should always be identifiable as such.

The Xenharmonic Wiki is free content that anyone can use, edit, and distribute

Same as Wikipedia: WP:5P3

The Xenharmonic Wiki's editors should treat each other with respect and civility

Same as Wikipedia: WP:5P4

The Xenharmonic Wiki has no firm rules

Same as Wikipedia: WP:5P5

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