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A few conventions have evolved in this wiki that would be good to keep consistent with.

(please feel free to add conventions in use here, and please provide reasons for it! Thanks!)

Decimal numbers

Use the English convention with decimal point. (Exception: quotes or entire articles in other language)

correct wrong (example)
701.995 702,995

Logarithmic interval measures

For normal tables, we decided to stick to cent values with a fixed precision, mostly 2 or 3 in the fractional part. 3 is helpful when serving as a canonical reference point for people to compare their own calculations with. Its main purpose is to give an idea of interval sizes and relation to known intervals in the 12edo system of western music. Alternative interval size measures are acceptable if they better reflect the idea behind an interval system, scale etc. but "competing" columns with logarithmic sizes in the same table should usually be avoided.


Links - both wiki-internal and external ones - should have meaningful text; something like "here" is not very useful for understanding and orientation, often the page title is a good starting point.

For more info see Help:Here-links

Internal links should be as precise as possible. So, for example, if you follow a link that promises a definition of a term you don't know, it's not helpful if it brings you to an article full of new information and the expected definition hidden in a massive amount of text. (there is still a lot to be done in this area)

Naming articles

Todo: expand
This topic is under construction, you are welcome to join the project, see Xenharmonic Wiki:Things to do #Naming articles

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