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These article guidelines will hopefully make life easier in this wiki, not only for authors but also for readers. Some of them are adopted from Wikipedia, but we will keep it short and trust into good communication.

Naming articles

We follow Wikipedia's style guides Wikipedia: WP:THE, Wikipedia: WP:PLURAL, and Wikipedia: WP:NCCAPS. In summary:


The title or lemma should be in English sentence case (e.g. Sentence case) as opposed to title case (e.g. Title Case), in other words, only the first letter is capitalized if there is not an abbreviation or name in it. The reason behind this guideline is that it's much easier to remember how a lemma is spelled and it can be easily embedded into sentences without changing anything. The first letter of a in-wiki link is automatically capitalized, exactly as article names are.


The title should also be in singular form unless it is a collection for different types of things. To link to [[interval]] or [[interval]]s is much easier than to link to [[intervals|interval]], because the link text automatically incorporates the letters following closing double brackets.


We save articles at the initial of the title, unless it is an integral part of the title.


Inline styling

Don't try to hard-code the intended visual style in the article namespace by adding lots of <span style="..."> code. The readability will decrease if everybody uses their personally style. It's also hard to edit a page if you don't understand how it is constructed. If you find something that looks really bad try to find the responsible CSS clause for it or ask an organizer or administrator to do so. If bugs in the CSS style get fixed, this will make more than one user happy.

Another way to get a special layout into articles or article sections is to use templates. If the requested template isn't available, ask an experienced user to build one for you.

Heading levels

Within articles, use from H2 (== Title ==) for the highest level down to H6 (====== sub sub sub sub heading ======), whereas try to avoid to much sub sections. To go down to H4 will often be enough, most articles will only use H2 levels.

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