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Lua modules

Hi Plumtree (and welcome to the Xenharmonic Wiki!),

I wanted to thank you for contributing on the Lua modules. As you might have noticed, I am not an experienced programmer, so your improvements are appreciated. And of course I was pleased to see the new functions you have implemented, which follow pretty much what I had in mind when I started working on those.

I also saw that you added documentation for some functions, but not all of them. Since you added them, I guess it would be easier for you to write the documentation, otherwise I'll try to have a look at it eventually.

In any case, the Infobox ET module seems pretty much good to go, but I'll check with a few people on Discord before we deploy it to equal tuning pages. Feel free to join the XA Discord by the way, if you haven't already, link in the left panel!

Thanks again! --Fredg999 (talk) 01:24, 2 October 2022 (UTC)


Hi Plumtree,
the additions you've already made to the wiki are absolutely helpful, and your current sound experiments look very promising to me. I've been thinking for a while if it wouldn't be good if you left a few words on your user page to give the other active users an idea of your ideas and goals (maybe even your background). At least, I personally would be very interested in that.
Whatever: thank you! --Xenwolf (talk) 10:25, 14 October 2022 (UTC)

Hello! You're welcome. I've listed the projects I'm currently involved with on my user page. Plumtree (talk) 11:03, 14 October 2022 (UTC)