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Pure mathematician interested in tuning. TODO: put my tuning scripts here. (There is a GitHub page by my name, there should be something soon.)

Some formulas for testing:

RTT and zeta: If [math] s\gt 1 [/math], then [math] \displaystyle \sum_{\text{prime }p \geq 1} \frac{\Vert x \log p \Vert}{p^s} \lt \infty [/math].

L^2 norm: [math]\displaystyle \lVert M \rVert_2 = \sqrt {\operatorname{det} (VV^\mathsf{T})}[/math]

(Standard) RMS norm: [math]\displaystyle \lVert M \rVert_\text{RMS}' = \sqrt {\frac{\operatorname{det} (VV^\mathsf{T})}{C(n, r)}} = \frac {\lVert M \rVert_2}{\sqrt {C(n, r)}}[/math] where [math]n[/math] is the number of primes in the subgroup, [math]r[/math] is the rank of the temperament.

Current contributions

Fractal scale

Ideas and thoughts

User:Akselai/RES comma

User:Akselai/Quasi-modal construction of fractal scales