The Enigma Assignment

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In December of 2012, Chris Vaisvil proposed the following:

Assignment 1 - instructions - transcribe the Enigma theme by Edward Elgar into any un12 equal tuning system you wish to use. Goal - it must be recognizable. Assignment 2 - repeat the theme four times - once solo, then harmonized with another line (2 voice), two more lines, and finally 4 lines. Every other parameter is free.

Music notation - Enigma theme

In response came the following short compositions:

Chris Vaisvil's Enigma theme exercise in Maqam Rast by Keenan Pepper

earwig by Andrew Heathwaite

Enigma Assignment by Steve Martin

Enigma (Assignment 1) - Machine by Dustin Schallert

Enigma assignment – 31 edo by Claudi Meneghin

Enigma assignment – Septimal JI, sax+recorder+tenor oboe+cello by Claudi Meneghin

Fugue on Elgar’s Enigma Theme by Claudi Meneghin

4-in-1 canon on Elgar's Enigma theme by Claudi Meneghin

Canon 3-in-1 on a ground on Elgar’s Enigma Theme by Claudi Meneghin

Enigmagic: Enigma exercise in magic temperament by Jason Conklin

Enigma Variation 17edo by Chris Vaisvil

High Oktone Elgar by Gene Ward Smith

The Folly of Pegasus by Chris Vaisvil

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