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Microtonal concerts in May 2007

  • NYC's American Festival of Microtonal Music, under the direction of Johnny Reinhard, presents 3 New York Concerts at the Bowery Poetry Club, located at 308 Bowery at Bleeker Street. The series begins on April 29, continues on May 2, and concludes on May 8. All three concerts start at 10 PM. General admission is $10 at the door. Internationally recognized bass trombonist Dave Taylor is the AFMM's featured performing artist this year.
  • MICROTONAL FAYRE, at York University, UK, is a day of concerts, presentations, panel discussions on May 2. It is free.
  • MICROFEST (the west coast manifestation) has four of its concerts in May: Gamelan & Guitars; James Tenney with Strings; Anaphorian Shadow Play: The Follies of Dr. Placebo; and Parch "On the Road." Various locations in LA area;
  • 17 tone Piano Project Phase Three at Rice University, Houston, Texas, May 7th. SeventeenTPPPhaseThree
  • (another completely self-promotory event in Houston) 31 tone singin' camp May 8-18
  • Boston Microtonal Society presents chamber ensemble NotaRiotous' Spring 07 concert! May 13

Suggested Microtonal-awareness-promoting activities for May 2007

a brainstorm, admittedly western-biased -- augment as you see fit.

  1. Make a T-shirt with the anti-12th-root-of-two logo or a logo of your own invention. Wear it daily.
  2. For your friends with May birthdays, give a slide whistle, or an udderbot or balloon flute you made yourself, or...?
  3. Call into your local or not-so-local freeform radio station and request Neil Haverstick and Jon Catler and Warren Burt and Astroid Power-Up! and Ellen Fullman and...?
  4. Blast some Ben Johnston or Tony Conrad or La Monte Young from the subwoofers of your pimped-out auto as you ride through the suburbs.
  5. Engage yourself in an EtudeProject: bend your ears further, learn 31-tone solfege, etc.
  6. Make your one-of-a-kind or unusual microtonal instrument available for the learning and experimentation and noodling of lay-musicians for a day, or a weekend, or the whole month.
  7. Make a pilgrimage en masse to the nearest known one-of-a-kind or unusual microtonal instrument and demand (or ask nicely) that it be made available for public use for a day, or a weekend, or the whole month.
  8. Climb Mt. Meru. Climb your nearest scale tree. Climb a ladder with more than twelve rungs and make a fuss about it.
  9. Plan a flash mob of microtonalized recorders (put tape over the holes a la Reinhard) to attack the nearest establishment that blares 12-equal muzak the most annoyingly.
  10. Record an album of microtonal easy listening and smuggle it into a record store.
  11. Replace your (and others') clock faces with non-12 ones. Attempt to use a 26-hour day. (That's a tricky one to shake, believe me!)
  12. Go into your local piano store, that wouldn't be nice. Or terribly easy to do clandestinely.
  13. That's all I got but I really couldn't stop at number 12!