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Seventeen Tone Piano Project Phase Three

May 7th 2007

8:00 p.m.

Hirsch Orchestra Rehearsal Hall, Shepherd School of Music, Rice University

Recordings are available at


thomas edwin scheurich III: attention! attention! attention!

meghan tarkington, soprano; jacob barton, slide whistle & udderbot; brian nelson, slide whistle and laptop; joel brown, trombone; kaoru suzuki, violin; andi hemmenway, viola; jen humphreys, cello; dan sedgwick & kyle evans, pianos; alex lawler, percussion; karl blench, conductor

jon l smith: etude no. 2 for two pianos in 17edo

j.b & d.s., pianos

daniel thompson: nocturne

j.b. & d.s., pianos

tom price: fependeed

j.b. & d.s., pianos

mark enslin: safety nets

andrea leyton-mange, mezzo-soprano; j.b., trombone; jen humphreys, cello; elliot cole, one-man band; d.s., pianos

text by indigo frank

aaron krister johnson: insect ballet

d.s. & k.e., pianos

jacob barton: fonala

meghan tarkington, soprano; j.b. & d.s., pianos

text by troy suben


chris bryan: invocation

kaoru suzuki, alex lawler, emily dahl, robert likamwa, violins; andi hemmenway & jt posadas, violas; jen humphreys & jordan kuspa, celli; charles nilles, double bass; k.e. & d.s, pianos; j.b., conductor

FOOD (thanks to Florie Namir)