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A community effort to create an album using porcupine temperament. Please use this page and its discussion page to share ideas and get collaborations rolling!

How do I find the discussion page? I'm lost today.

  • The discussion tab is among the icons in the top right of each page. Instead of "Discuss," it has a picture of some cartoon speech bubbles and a number corresponding to the current number of discussion posts. It is just to the right of "Edit".

Here is a 15 edo progression stub - 2 sections. 15 edo progression

[hs] Here is a short porcupine phrase in 22edo. Thse scale is sssLsss (of Porcupine[7]), which is composed of two completely uniform tetrachords.

List of Participants and skills they're willing to contribute:

  • John Lank Moriarty- Vocals, Lyrics
  • Andrew Heathwaite- composition, production, singing, 22-tone steel-string guitar, writing, organizing and facilitating as needed...
  • Sean Archibald- composition, production, mix engineering, simple kalimba licks, whatever I can really!
  • Keenan Pepper- vocals, synth... 15-tone marimba may be done by this time...
  • Hans Straub - keyboard/piano, especially 22edo. Simple harmonica licks. Maybe composition, too.
  • Chris Vaisvil - keyboard, soon 15 edo guitar, compositon

What we think we know so far (add to this list or discuss in discussion tab!):

  • We're making an album combining solo and collaborative compositions in Porcupine temperament, with an emphasis on accessibility
  • Suggested reference pitch C = 261.626
  • All flavors of Porcupine welcome (15edo, 22edo, 29edo, 37edo, TOP, POTE, what have you)
  • A goal: to make a case for Porcupine as a temperament system with flexibility comparable to meantone.

Open Questions:

  • Time frame?
  • Stylistic constraints?
  • Organizing group?
  • How to invite others?

Potentially Useful: