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I'm a software engineer who dabbles in microtonal music making. I have a Master's degree in theoretical physics.

XenWiki work in progress

Music and Social Media

I go by frostburn on Discord.

Music archives

Software Projects

Design philosophy / mathematics

Recreational mathematics

Odds and ends

Played around a bit with 6Ls 2s in 20ed2 and the dreamy, yet oppressing sound inspired these names for the modes:

Modes of 6L 2s
Pattern Name UDP
sLLLsLLL Incubus 0|6(2)
LsLLLsLL Succubus 2|4(2)
LLsLLLsL Nightmare 4|2(2)
LLLsLLLs Paralysis 6|0(2)

P.S. 12-TET is just 513/512, 729/722 in 2.3.19.