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Interval information
Ratio 513/512
Monzo [-9 3 0 0 0 0 0 1
Size in cents 3.37802
Name(s) undevicesimal comma,
undevicesimal schisma,
Boethius' comma
FJS name P119
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513/512, the undevicesimal comma, undevicesimal schisma or Boethius' comma, is a 19-limit (also 2.3.19 subgroup) unnoticeable comma. It is the amount by which 19/16 exceeds the Pythagorean minor third (32/27). By tempering it out is defined the boethius temperament, which enables the boethius chords. It is significant in Functional Just System and Helmholtz-Ellis notation as the formal comma to translate a Pythagorean interval to a nearby undevicesimal interval.

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