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Sagittal sample.gif

Sagittal notation is a musical notation system capable of notating almost any conceivable tuning. It was developed by Dave Keenan and George Secor with significant contributions from numerous others.


Notation software support


Sagibelius 2.0 - plugins for using Sagittal notation in Sibelius 4 and up. By Jacob Barton. Hosted on this wiki. Donationware.


Plugin for Sagittal notation in Lilypond by Graham Breed


Sagittal accidentals are available in MuseScore via the Bravura font which implements the SMuFL standard. They can be accessed by opening the Master Palette and finding them in the Symbols section at the end.


Sagittal notation is available in Scala.


Because Dorico is built by Steinberg Media, the same company that maintains the SMuFL standard, it should support Sagittal.

Scores in Sagittal notation


Spartan single-shaft

Spartan multi-shaft

Athenian extension single-shaft

Athenian extension multi-shaft