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Interval information
Ratio 45/44
Factorization 2-2 × 32 × 5 × 11-1
Monzo [-2 2 1 0 -1
Size in cents 38.905773¢
Names undecimal 1/5-tone,
cake comma
Color name 1uy1, luyo 1sn,
Luyo comma
FJS name [math]\text{A1}^{5}_{11}[/math]
Special properties superparticular,
Tenney height (log2 nd) 10.9513
Weil height (log2 max(n, d)) 10.9837
Wilson height (sopfr (nd)) 26
Harmonic entropy
(Shannon, [math]\sqrt{nd}[/math])
~4.5186 bits
Comma size medium
S-expression S9 × S10

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45/44, ~38.906 cents, the undecimal 1/5-tone, is the interval between 11/9 and 5/4, between 11/10 and 9/8, and between 22/15 and 3/2. It is tempered out by the patent vals for 12, 19, and 26 equal. When one uses 45/44 as an interval in its own right, it has properties akin to a sort of chroma, and it differs from 8192/8019, the Alpharabian inframinor second, by the schisma.

45/44 is also known as the "cake" comma, from when Ocean Stegosaurus Tardigrade was baking a cake and misread flour and sugar measurements on his scale, leading to the inclusion of 11/9 times the amount suggested in his recipe. To compensate, he writes "I increased all the other ingredients by a neutral third, except the eggs, which I increased by a major third because I couldn't be bothered to measure out eight ninths of an egg." We see here the equating of 11/9 with 5/4, leading to the tempering out of 45/44. The cake turned out fine but slightly burnt on the top.

Ocean's cake

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