9L 5s

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9L 5s refers to the structure of moment of symmetry scales with generators ranging from 2\9edo (two degrees of 9edo = 266¢) to 3\14 (three degrees of 14edo = 257¢). In the case of 14edo, L and s are the same size; in the case of 9edo, s becomes so small it disappears. The generator can be said to approximate 7/6, but just 7/6 is larger than 2\9edo, so it cannot be used as a generator. The simplest just interval that works as a generator is 36/31. Two generators are said to create a fourth like Godzilla, but in reality it is closer to 27/20, if that is considered a consonance.

9L5s is third smallest MOS of Semiphore.

generator in degrees of an edo generator in cents L in cents s in cents notes
3\14 257¢ 86¢ 86¢ L=s
258.87¢ 94¢ 70¢ Just interval 36/31
8\37 259¢ 97¢ 65¢
5\23 261¢ 104¢ 52¢ L≈2s
~261.5¢ 104¢ 52¢ L=2s
7\32 262¢ 113¢ 38¢
2\9 266¢ 266¢ s=0