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The 159 equal division divides the octave into 159 equal parts of 7.547 cents each. A salient fact about it is that 159 = 3*53, so that it shares the same 5-limit thirds and fifths with 53edo. In the 7-limit it tempers out 1029/1024 and 10976/19935 in addition to the 5-limit commas 32805/32768 and 15625/15552. This makes it among other things an excellent tuning for guiron and tritikleismic temperaments. It has a very accurate 11, and in the 11-limit tempers out 385/384, 441/440 and 4000/3993. In the 13-limit it tempers out 325/324 and 364/363, in the 17-limit 273/272 and 375/374, and in the 19-limit 343/342 and 361/360. It also provides the optimal patent val for 11-limit guiron and 13-limit tritikleismic, as well as the 13-limit rank three temperament portending.

Another and notable temperament supported by 159 is yarman temperament, with a generator of 2\159 which can be taken as an approximate 105/104. 159 supplies the optimal patent val for 7, 11, 13, 17 and 19-limit yarman, so they are very closely associated. Curiously, the temperament does not temper out 1029/1024, however.

Yarman temperament has MOS of 79 and 80 notes to the octave, and the 79-note MOS has been proposed by Ozan Yarman as a tuning standard for arabic/turkish/persian music.