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Interval information
Ratio 135/112
Monzo [-4, 3, 1, -1
Size in cents 323.35281
Name(s) septimal wide minor third,
marvelous minor third
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135/112, the septimal wide minor third, or marvelous minor third, is a 7-limit interval which has the distinction of being almost half of a 16/11 minor fifth- in fact, a stack of two 135/112 differs from 16/11 by 200704/200475, a comma less than two cents in size. As the octave complement of 224/135 this interval functionally doubles as a type of augmented second, nevertheless, because of the relationship between 135/112 and 16/11, one can easily form a triad consisting of 1/1-135/112-16/11, to which one can then add 135/77 as a seventh.

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