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Interval information
Ratio 441/440
Monzo [-3 2 -1 2 -1
Size in cents 3.93016
Name(s) werckisma
Color name Luzozogu
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441/440, also known as Werckmeister's undecimal septenarian schisma, or more simply, the werckisma, is a small superparticular 11-limit comma with a size of roughly 3.93 cents. It is the difference between 21/20 and 22/21, and between 80/63 ( = (10/9)(8/7)) and 14/11, as well as the amount by which a stack of two 21/16 septimal subfourths exceeds a single 55/32 supermajor sixth.


Tempering it out splits 11/10 into two even halves, equates 21/16 with 55/42 to create some interesting-sounding triads, and makes werckismic chords possible. See Rank-4 temperament #Werckismic (441/440) for some technical data.

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