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Interval information
Ratio 1024/891
Factorization 210 × 3-4 × 11-1
Monzo [10 -4 0 0 -1
Size in cents 240.86205¢
Name Alpharabian inframinor third
Color name s1u3, salu 3rd
FJS name [math]\text{m3}_{11}[/math]
Special properties reduced
Tenney height (log2 nd) 19.7993
Weil height (log2 max(n, d)) 20
Wilson height (sopfr (nd)) 43
Harmonic entropy
(Shannon, [math]\sqrt{n\cdot d}[/math])
~4.56998 bits
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1024/891, the Alpharabian inframinor third, is the basic inframinor third in the 2.3.11 subgroup. It differs from 8/7 by the pentacircle comma, and differs from 297/256 by the Betarabian comma. As suggested by its name, it is reached by subtracting a 33/32 quartertone from 32/27.

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