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The 29-odd-limit is the set of all rational intervals for which neither the numerator nor the denominator of the frequency ratio exceeds 29, once all powers of 2 are removed. To the 27-odd-limit, it adds 14 interval pairs involving 29.

Below is a list of all octave-reduced intervals in the 29-odd-limit.

Ratio Size (¢) Color name Name
30/29 58.692 29uy1 twenuyo unison lesser vicesimononal quartertone
29/28 60.751 29or1 twenoru unison greater vicesimononal quartertone
29/27 123.712 29o2 tweno 2nd vicesimononal minor second
32/29 170.423 29u2 twenu 2nd vicesimononal submajor second
29/26 189.050 29o3u2 twenothu 2nd vicesimononal major second
29/25 256.950 29ogg3 twenogugu 3rd vicesimononal inframinor third
34/29 275.378 29u17o3 twenuso 3rd vicesimononal subminor third
29/24 327.622 29o3 tweno 3rd vicesimononal minor third
36/29 374.333 29u3 twenu 3rd vicesimononal submajor third
29/23 401.303 29o23u3 twenotwethu 3rd vicesimononal major third
38/29 467.936 29u19o4 twenuno 4th vicesimononal subfourth
29/22 478.259 29o1u4 twenolu 4th vicesimononal grave fourth
40/29 556.737 29uy4 twenuyo 4th lesser vicesimononal superfourth
29/21 558.796 29or4 twenoru 4th greater vicesimononal superfourth
42/29 641.204 29uz5 twenuzo 5th lesser vicesimononal subfifth
29/20 643.263 29og5 twenogu 5th greater vicesimononal subfifth
44/29 721.741 29u1o5 twenulo 5th vicesimononal acute fifth
29/19 732.064 29o19u5 twenonu 5th vicesimononal superfifth
46/29 798.697 29u23o6 twenutwetho 6th vicesimononal minor sixth
29/18 825.667 29o6 tweno 6th vicesimononal supraminor sixth
48/29 872.378 29u6 twenu 6th vicesimononal major sixth
29/17 924.621 29o17u6 twenosu 6th vicesimononal supermajor sixth
50/29 943.050 29uyy6 twenuyoyo 6th vicesimononal ultramajor sixth
52/29 1010.950 29u3o7 twenutho 7th vicesimononal minor seventh
29/16 1029.577 29o7 tweno 7th vicesimononal supraminor seventh
54/29 1076.288 29u7 twenu 7th vicesimononal major seventh
56/29 1139.249 29uz8 twenuzo octave lesser vicesimononal infraoctave
29/15 1141.308 29og8 twenogu octave greater vicesimononal infraoctave

Note that 'vicesimononal' is exchangeable with 'undetricesimal', both denoting the presence of factor 29.

The smallest equal division of the octave which is consistent to the 29-odd-limit is 282edo; that which is distinctly consistent to the same is 1323edo.