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This is a list of 15-odd-limit intervals. To 13-odd-limit, it adds four interval pairs involving 15.

This collection of intervals has proven to be useful for illustrating certain characteristics of medium-sized EDOs (~15 to 41 steps).

Ratio Size (¢) Color name Name(s)
16/15 111.731 g2 gu 2nd classic diatonic semitone
15/14 119.443 ry1 ruyo unison septimal diatonic semitone
15/13 247.741 3uy2 thuyo 2nd tridecimal supermajor second / tridecimal second-third
15/11 536.951 1uy4 luyo 4th undecimal acute fourth
22/15 663.049 1og5 logu 5th undecimal grave fifth
26/15 952.259 3og7 thogu 7th tridecimal subminor seventh / tridecimal sixth-seventh
28/15 1080.557 zg8 zogu octave small septimal major seventh
15/8 1088.269 y7 yo 7th just major seventh

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