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Interval information
JI glyph 8 5 glyph.png
Ratio 8/5
Monzo |3 0 -1>
Size in cents 813.68629
Name(s) minor sixth
Color name g6, gu 6th

[sound info]

In 5-limit Just Intonation, 8/5 is a minor sixth, measuring about 813.7¢. It is the 5th subharmonic, and thus the inversion of 5/4, the classic major third. It appears in chords where the 1/1 is higher than the 5/4, such as 5:6:8 (a first-inversion major triad). It is a large half step of 16/15 (about 111.7¢) away from 3/2, and an 81/80 (about 21.5¢) away from the Pythagorean (3-limit) minor sixth of 128/81 (about 792.2¢).

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