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The 19-odd-limit is the set of all rational intervals for which neither the numerator nor the denominator of the frequency ratio exceeds 19, once all powers of 2 are removed. To the 17-odd-limit, it adds 9 interval pairs involving 19.

Below is a list of all octave-reduced intervals in the 19-odd-limit.

Ratio Size (¢) Color name Name(s)
20/19 88.801 19uy1 nuyo unison lesser undevicesimal semitone
19/18 93.603 19o2 ino 2nd greater undevicesimal semitone
19/17 192.558 19o17u2 nosu 2nd undevicesimal whole tone / "meantone"
22/19 253.805 19u1o2 nulo 2nd undevicesimal second–third
19/16 297.513 19o3 ino 3rd undevicesimal minor third
24/19 404.442 19u3 inu 3rd lesser undevicesimal major third
19/15 409.244 19og4 nogu 4th greater undevicesimal major third
19/14 528.687 19or4 noru 4th undevicesimal acute fourth
26/19 543.015 19u3o4 nutho 4th undevicesimal superfourth
19/13 656.985 19o3u5 nothu 5th undevicesimal subfifth
28/19 671.313 19uz5 nuzo 5th undevicesimal grave fifth
30/19 790.756 19uy5 nuyo 5th lesser undevicesimal minor sixth
19/12 795.558 19o6 ino 6th lesser undevicesimal minor sixth
32/19 902.487 19u6 inu 6th undevicesimal major sixth
19/11 946.195 19o1u7 nolu 7th undevicesimal sixth–seventh
34/19 1007.442 19u17o7 nuso 7th undevicesimal minor seventh
36/19 1106.397 19u7 inu 7th lesser undevicesimal major seventh
19/10 1111.199 19og8 nogu octave greater undevicesimal major seventh

The smallest equal division of the octave which is consistent in the 19-odd-limit is 80edo; that which is distinctly consistent in the same is 217edo.

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