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This is a list of 11-odd-limit intervals. To 9-odd-limit, it adds 5 interval pairs involving 11. See also 11-limit.

Ratio Size (¢) Color name Name
12/11 150.637 1u2 lu 2nd lesser undecimal neutral second
11/10 165.004 1og2 logu 2nd greater undecimal neutral second
11/9 347.408 1o3 ilo 3rd undecimal neutral third
14/11 417.508 1uz4 luzo 4th undecimal major third
11/8 551.318 1o4 ilo 4th undecimal super-fourth
16/11 648.682 1u5 lu 5th undecimal sub-fifth
11/7 782.492 1or5 loru 5th undecimal minor sixth
18/11 852.592 1u6 lu 6th undecimal neutral sixth
20/11 1034.996 1uy7 luyo 7th lesser undecimal neutral seventh
11/6 1049.363 1o7 ilo 7th greater undecimal neutral seventh